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wirless hunter flow meters

Wireless HC Flow Meter Product Guide For Hunter Industries


Flow meters are becoming a standard feature of every installation, so order yours today to see how the hunter Wireless HC can make your job easier. hunter’s Wireless HC flow meter offers an easy initial install with no trenching required and no need for major drilling or concrete removal. hunter has changed the game by reducing installation time and our unique, patent-pending design integrates seamlessly with hunter’s Hydrawise™ Irrigation Management Platform to provide reliable, continuous data transmission for years to come.

Hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensor is the smart choice – it eliminates costly installation issues and headaches, maximizes water savings, helps protect landscapes from damage and will pay for itself over time by enabling you to accurately bill for water and improve customer service.


Hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensor is easy to install and reconfigure, reduces false reads and saves time, money and labor. hunter offers a range of models that are compatible with hunter controller hardware, including the iD-controller. hunter can also provide an Ethernet cable if required for wired communication ( hunter model numbers 200-02A1, 200-04A1 and hunter equivalent ). hunter can help you complete your installation and configuration in just a few simple steps – get started today!

For new installations: hunter’s Wireless HC flow meter eliminates the need for major drilling or concrete removal – simply remove a 4″ section of sod, expose the 3″ flow meter post and install the standard hunter mounting bracket.

This will require a maximum of 5-6 feet from existing controller, allowing for optimal placement on boundary walls, fences or buildings that have low clearance. hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensor can be easily installed in any new installation project with pre-planning and hunter controllers/software configuration ready to go. hunter provides different mounting options for your Wireless HC flow sensor to ensure it is installed properly and ready to transmit data. Hunter’s standard irrigation bracket ( hunter model 200-1N1 ) is designed with a sturdy, zinc plated steel construction and offers protection against corrosion in harsh environments.

Hunter’s mounting brackets can be used on any of hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensor models. hunter can also provide an Ethernet cable if required for wired communication ( hunter model number 200-02A1, hunter equivalent ) .

Hunter’s unique probe design also eliminates the need for a power supply – simply shut off the water to your controller, remove the existing flow meter and connect hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensor in its place. hunter’s Wireless HC flow sensors simplify the process of configuration in hunter’s Drive™ Irrigation Management Software and hunter controllers, making it easy to connect your new sensor wirelessly. hunter provides a kit specific to hunter manufacturer brand hardware to help you get started.

With hunter’s full line of top-of-the-line controllers and software, hunter can keep you in control of your irrigation system and help to provide the best customer service possible. hunter offers a 2-year warranty on the Wireless HC flow meter.

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