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Automated sprinkler systems are something that every lawn-loving household should invest in. 

These systems make it possible for users to set their desired sprinkling time and amount once and let the sprinklers take it from there. 

The result is a well-run water system that keeps lawns looking beautiful with greater efficiency.

But it isn’t enough just to buy the firstautomated system you see.

Different automated sprinklers have different typesof features thanks to the integration of more home automation possibilities. 

It is also important to look at how much area a given system will cover and, unless all you have is one type of grass,

whether you can separate your areas so that

each gets the right amount of water for its species.

One automated sprinkler we know that can do all of the above and more; one certainly worth some attention is the

Sprinkl Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Why You Should Use the Sprinkl Wifi Sprinkler Controller ?

Features of Sprinkl

When you order the Sprinkl Wifi Sprinkler Controller from your preferred retailer,

what you will get in the mail is a simple box that measures

10 inches in length, 7.5 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. 

It’s important to note that you are ordering just the controller box and that you will have already needed to have an irrigation system and underground sprinklers set-up for the controller to operate. 

sprinkl controller

So long as you have those in-ground systems installed,this smart sprinkler hub can be set-up and integrated in less than thirty minutes.

But why switch from an existing sprinkler system controller to this one?

Well, an excellent place to start is by asking yourself whether your current set-up has the following extraordinary abilities and features:

  • Control up to 16 areas. If your yard and garden are separated into multiple regions,then you need a smart controller that can deliver the exact amount of water each of these areas needs for maximum growth and water conservation.

For example, a vegetable garden is going to need a lot more water than pine trees, and trying to water them equally will just result in a lot of wasted water.

With the Sprinkl WiFi system, users can easily separate their areas and create dedicated water zones.

  • Connect to home accessories. In addition to controlling your home’s sprinkler and irrigation s system, the Sprinkl WiFi Sprinkler Controller is compatible with an array of other smart home accessories. Connect your outdoor lighting, home security system, and other accessories to the Sprinkl hub. 
  • Built-in weather intelligence. One of the biggest things you will see cited in Sprinkl control reviews is the system’s ability to save owners upwards of 50 percent on their water bill.

One reason why this controller is able to deliver those savings is because of its built-in weather intelligence system.

This intelligence system uses forecasts, both past and current, and operates on a predictive protocol which means it will prevent watering whenever it senses potential rainfall.

So where older models would stop once the rain was actually falling (translating to still wasted water), this model will prevent the system from turning on in the first place.

The built-in weather intelligence system gets automatic updates four times an hour while connected to the internet.

  • Keep your wired sensors. If you do prefer the older wired rain sensors, keep them.

The Sprinkl WiFi sprinkler controller has integrated support for wired rain sensors.

  • Easy scheduling and auto watering. The Sprinkl WiFi sprinkler controller makes scheduling easy thanks to its seamless integration with your smartphone.

At any time, you can log into the paired app to update your watering schedule and let the system operate on its own until you make the next changes.

This can come in real handy if your locality has varying water limits depending upon rainfall (or lack thereof).

In some areas, the Sprinkl controller can be set-up to receive messages from local ordinances and adjust water amounts or schedule according to the new recommendations — making things even more comfortable! So you don’t even have to check in for that!

  • Works with Alexa. Don’t want to change your home automation set-up? Don’t worry, you don’t have to.

The Sprinklr set-up works great with Alexa and similar set-ups.

  • Temperature controls. Have certain plants that require certain temperature water?

Use the appropriate Sprinkl settings to change water temperatures either in unique areas or across the entirety of your lawn and garden. 

  • No monthly charges. One reason why there are so many great Sprinkl control reviews is because this is not a bait and switch product.

You won’t buy the Sprinkl controller and then be caught in a web of excess fees and monthly subscription costs for top features.

Rather, everything we have written about comes already incorporated into the product.

No extra fees or monthly charges required. 

About Sprinkl

Sprinkl understands the need for water conservation being in a state that has undergone plenty of dry seasons — and that state is Texas. 

This company was founded by four men who shared the goal of making watering and painting yards easier and more efficient than was currently possible.

The team behind Sprinkl also wanted to make sure that the system they created would be versatile and capable of working with just about any sprinkler system regardless of make, model, or age. 

They succeeded.Sprinkl quickly became a massive success, earning high awards at every trade show it premiered at. Such awards include:

  • SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Finalist
  • SXSW Eco Innovation Award
  • Innovation & Tech Today Editors Choice Award


Now, while Sprinklr does have a lot going for it, there are also some important limitations consumers should be aware of before they invest in the system.

The most important limitations of this set-up are:

  • Individual zones and unique times will still require the existing controller that you came with the sprinkler or home irrigation system when installed. 

sprinkl advance zone settings

  • That same initial controller will also need to be used in order to turn the entire system on and off. 

Sprinkl Controller VS Rachio Controller

Right now, the Sprinklr Controller is listed as the number one choice in the Amazon web store, and the long list of glowing Sprinkl control reviews show that it has certainly become the peoples’ choice. 

That said, there are some other good competitors shoppers are going to run into, and, for some, those competitors may be the better buy. 

The most popular of competitors for the Sprinkl controller is the Rachio controller.

The Rachio controller has a lot in common with the Sprinklr controller, including the ability to monitor current weather conditions, operate across 16 zones, and connect to Alexa and other home assistant systems.

But there are some key differences.

 Many users complain that the product itself has a poor design, with many complaining the front door won’t shut properly. 

Others don’t like how the interface is set-up, especially when compared to the outstanding usability of the Sprinkl Control watering controller. 

Sprinkl Controller Products

There are three key products offered by the Sprinkl brand and they are as follows: 

  • CONTROL (SR-400). This is the big smart sprinkler hub that we have largely talked about in the above Sprinkl review.

The Sprinkl Control is an incredible beast of a product that incorporates all of those aforementioned features to deliver its owners the best in lawn automation.

The Sprinkl Control offers users the absolute best in terms of lawn watering automation and, remember,

this can serve as a one-stop lawn system thanks to its ability to be paired into lighting and other home systems.

  • SENSE (SR-100). The Sprinkl Sense is an add-on component consumers can get to make their Sprinkl watering system even more effective.

The Sprinkl Sense is an in-ground moisture sensor that measures the amount of moisture in the nearby ground.

You simply stick one in in the various areas or zones of your yard and it will monitor both the moisture measurements and soil temperatures at 1 inch, 3 inches, and 5 inches deep.

The Sprinkl Sense will then send that data via WiFi to the central Sprinkl system and you can view it via your phone app. But not just that.

The controller system itself will use this data to automatically adjust watering schedules to ensure your plants are getting only the amount of water they need to thrive (keeping your pocketbook nice and full). 


  • CONSERVE (SR-301). If you’re not ready to invest in the more comprehensive Sprinkl hub, then consider the more compact Sprinkl Conserve.

This is a specialized smart sprinkler rain and freeze sensor that doesn’t offer quite the multitude of features that the Sprinkl Control does, still has some key abilities —

including the ability to reduce water usage and control sprinklers remotely. 

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