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Rainmachine Smart Wifi Irrigation Controller


If you are looking for the best smart sprinkler controller you can buy in 2017, look no further than the RainMachine smart wifi sprinkler controllers. A Rainmachine sprinkler controller smart and wifi enabled with some sought after unique features. Rainmachine has 3 models of wifi irrigation controllers that you can choose from depending on the number of zones you want to control and water remotely. All 3 use one mobile application with equal capabilities, so you will not be compromising anything should you need a unit that controls fewer zones.

RainMachine Mini-8

RainMachine Touch HD-12

RainMachine Touch HD-16


RainMachine Sprinkler Controllers Overview

Being one of the many that are aware that you should conserve water you would be doing a wise thing by getting yourself a smart sprinkler controller like the Rainmachine smart wifi sprinkler controllers. The Rainmachine smart irrigation control systems are easy to use.

The Rainmachine is a smart sprinkler controller that can be fully operated by any device from any location. You can use your smartphone, laptop or desktop using a web browser. It’s even SMART to be used with IFTTT, Siri, Google Now or Amazon’s Alexa.

The Rainmachine devices are intuitive with an easy-to-read interface and easily save you water and your bill because they water dependent on the weather conditions. They have the ability to adjust to daily weather adjustments.

On a cold day ,the sprinkler controller will tell the sprinklers to water less water than normal because water evaporation will be low on a cold day. When it is hot the sprinklers will be allowed by the smart controller to open a little longer because on hot day evaporation tends to be higher.

You have the option to choose which areas to be watered and program and assign a flexible watering schedule to each zone accordingly. A Rainmachine sprinkler controller gives you total control over your garden and watering needs.

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RainMachine App

The Rainmachine App is for all RainMachine smart sprinkler devices. From the app you will be able to do the following;

Dashboard – From the dashboard, you will be able to monitor everything from gallons used, temperature rain and various program activities,

Zones – You will be able to add zone images manually which means you will use an image that you like. If you want to start watering, just tap on the screen.

Device – You will be able to access multiple Rainmachine devices from one screen, no need to log in many times on different screens.

Settings – From the app you will be able to set notifications, weather, restrictions and system settings.

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RainMachine Sprinkler Controllers Features

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The Rainmachine wifi sprinkler controllers are similar in terms of features incorporated in them and capabilities. When you look a the feature table below, there are just a few minor differences especially with the Mini-8. RainMachine Mini-8 has a Simple Touch Interface while the Touch HD-12 and Touch HD-16 have a 6.5″ ultra bright touchscreen display. Again the RainMachine Touch HD-12 and HD-16 are for indoor use only while you can use the RainMachine Mini-8 outdoors with an outdoor enclosure.

Where To Buy Rainmachine WiFi Irrigation Controller

Rainmachine Smart WiFi Irrigation Controllers are available online for purchase from different retailers like Hope Depot, Newegg.com, Sprinklerwarehouse.com, Amazon.com, etc. However, we recommend that you start with Amazon.com because they sometimes sell items with discounts and are usually lower priced than with other retailers.

Secondly, there is a wealth of feedback on the product. People who have purchased the product tend to leave feedback as to whether they liked it or not with no bias. See below for some of the reviews.

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Rainmachine WiFi Irrigation Controller Reviews

The best place to find a Rainmachine review is at Amazon.com. The reviews are written by users and they not biased. This is very helpful when you are on the fence not sure which brand to pick. Here is a sample of Rainmachine reviews and if you need more follow the link at the bottom…

“Great product to control your irrigation system. Love the schedule watering that adjust depending on your local weather…”

“It should be clear on the specifications that you can’t irrigate 8 zones if your system has a master valve or a pump. I would have ordered a different product if I knew. I’m replacing Hunter Pro-C sprinkler controller with 8 zones and master valve. This unit isn’t a perfect replacement, I’ll have to put 2 zones together or disconnect 1 zone. That is not clear from the specs…”

“The device itself is fine, works as designed. I waited awhile to write my review until I was calmed down. Tech support for this device is another issue altogether. The rep I got during setup was rude and condescending. He provided no help, and had I spoken to them before installing it, I would have returned it. My phone had trouble connecting to it (Samsung Note 5) and tech support actually said to me “you can return it or sell it if you want to, but you will just lose money”. No doubt the last thing with their name on it that I will ever own.”

“THIS is the WiFi Sprinkler Controller You Want! Excellent product. Simple WiFi setup (no annoying “bridge”). Easy Alexa integration.”

“Very happy with Rainmachine. Super easy installation. Have saved 4,700 gallons of water usage in first 10 days. Love the ability to place photos of each zone on my phone so I can easily remember which zone…”

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