Rain Bird ST8O-WiFi 8-Zone Irrigation Smart Controller

Welcome to Rain Bird ST8O-WIFI 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Timer/Controller Review – In this review, we are going to be highlighting those points about this modern Rainbird WiFi module that we think we help you make an informed decision when buying a Rainbird WiFi Controller. There is a video at the end of the article that starts by letting you the difference between the Rain Bird ST8I-WiFi and ST8O.

With the new Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller, staying in touch with your yard in a convenient manner is never a problem. This replaces the standard timer utilizing the same zone wires. All you need to do is to mount this on the wall, connect it to your Wi-Fi and download the free app from Rain Bird that walks you through programming.

rainbird wifi timerThe Rain Bird WiFi Controller places control of the sprinkler system in the palm of your hands while saving not just time, but also money and water. Through its app, it allows users to control different timers located across the globe. Install the app on various devices or share control securely with landscapers and family members. What makes the app amazing is that it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Connect to the ST8-wifi timers programming functions through a mobile device via a Wi-Fi network even if you are away from your home. It is also simple to customize every watering schedule that can be adjusted automatically all year. Every watering zone may be set with a different picture, name, start time, run time, and frequency to ensure a low water bill and healthy plants. It also comes with an Automatic Seasonal Adjust that enables you to adjust the watering schedule every day based on the local weather, season, humidity, and temperature. This data downloads for your zip code and calculated each night.

Rain Bird ST8O-WiFi Advanced Functions

  • Rain Bird ST8O Is Weather Intelligent
  • Cyclical scheduling option every month
  • Adjustable watering delay from 1 to 14 days
  • Exclusive three-way control: through wifi, directly using a mobile device or at the timer panel
  • Ability to share access with others if needed
  • Different timer controls from the same app
  • Customized watering through zone ensures proper moisture for various areas of your yard

This Rainbird wifi timer adjusts automatically to avoid overwatering as seasons and weather change.

Greener Results
With Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller controlling a Rainbird valve and sprinklers, you can now keep your yard healthy through moisture applied at the right timing and frequency for every area.

Customized Watering App
Upload your photos and name every zone to help you manage and set your watering plan wisely for landscaping, grass, and shade/sun areas.

Less Water
If you are always worried about your water bill monthly, you can now say goodbye to your worries as you will be able to save on your monthly water bill with Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller because it features mobile monitoring and control and automatic adjustments.

Rain Bird ST8O Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Very functional
  • Worth your investment
  • Made with quality in mind
  • Packed with useful features
  • Guaranteed to help you save money on the monthly water bill.

Rain Bird ST8O Cons

Although there are numerous things to like about Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller, its main feature, which is Wi-Fi does not work effectively sometimes. Other users have also complained about connectivity issues with their mobile devices.

Rain Bird ST8O Video

Watch the following video explaining further about the ST8O model as part of the Rainbird ST8 series..

Further when you want to understand more about the wireless sprinkler timer read. Look at other Rainbird sprinkler controllers e.g. the Rain Bird ST8I-wifi review will tell you other things that people would not have commented about when reviewing the ST8O.

One recent buyer commented about this ST8-wifi timers saying “What a convenience to access and adjust your irrigation timer from your smart phone.”. Also, compare with a Rainbird 12 zone controller.

Conclusion About The Rainbird WiFi Module

With Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller, you will be smarter with your watering easily, taking control of your Rainbird sprinklers. It comes with features that are guaranteed to make your yard healthy while enabling you to enjoy savings.

So, if you want to save water while protecting your valuable landscaping at an affordable cost, consider getting one of these Rain Bird ST8O 8-Zone Smart Irrigation Indoor/Outdoor Timer and Controller!

Notice that the Rain Bird ST8I is for indoor use while the ST8O is for outdoor use. The latter is a little bigger than the former due to having a waterproof cover. The ST8i is a bit lower in price as well.

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