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To get the most out of your Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Controller device you need certain accessories to gain complete controlling power. Below is a list of the accessories you might need for this wifi sprinkler controller to be worth even more for your money. Let’s have a quick look at the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers!


When you augment your Rachio with accessories like rain sensor, soil sensor and flow sensor you will be enhancing the capabilities of the Rachio sprinkler controller. A Rachio smart device has in-built features like the ability to not water the plants when there is rain on the way so when you couple that capability with a rain sensor you get to save even more.

This is because while the smart device will not water before it rains, the rain sensor will delay watering after it has rained.

Rain Sensor

This might seem a little contradictory since Rachio smart irrigation controllers have Weather Intelligence ™ which means they do not need a rain sensor. Right? Otherwise, what is the Weather Intelligence ™ for?! Before we get too excited to wait a moment and look at this Rain Sensor thing from a different angle.

A rain sensor or rain switch is a switching device activated by rainfall. Rain sensors, by their nature, are reactive to rain events. This differs from Rachio’s proactive approach of checking the local weather forecasts. Rachio wifi controller, on the other hand, takes these predictions and compares them to the Rain Skip threshold you select within the Rachio App.

So, as technology may have it, the Rachio may be fed inaccurate data from your local weather station(s) rendering these predictions inaccurate so you might need a little insurance policy! That is where the rain sensor comes in. It is just there to make sure the sprinklers are shut when it is raining.


However, note that unlike Rachio’s Rain Skip feature a scheduled skip due to an activated rain sensor does not get recorded as rain savings. This is the same for all WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers.

Rachio SMART irrigation controller supports the following Rain Sensors;

Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor

The Hunter Wireless Rain-Click is easy to install and can be mounted on an eave or any flat vertical surface like a wall or fence, it is also possible to mount it on a gutter using a gutter mount accessory. The Hunter Wireless Rain-Click can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain.

Hunter Rain-clik Wireless Rain Sensor

Hunter Sprinkler WRCLIK Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor System

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The video above explains in detail how the Hunter Wireless Rain Clik rain sensor works and how to install a rain sensor on a sprinkler system or your preferred smart irrigation controller. Since you will be installing it with a Rachio 2nd generation smart sprinkler controller follow the link below for complete instructions how you to install Hunter Rain-Clik wireless rain sensor.

Click Here – Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor

In the above article, you will learn wiring instructions for the Hunter Rain Clik Wireless Rain Sensor and show you wiring chart and diagrams.

You might also want to refer to this Hunter wireless rain sensor installation pdf guide!

Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

The Rain and Freeze Sensor from Rainbird is easy to install with a one-person crew and is easy to use and program. The device has superior signal reliability for your ease of mind. Click there to learn more about this Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

Rain Bird Rain Sensor Price

Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor Review

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The Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor is another option you can use with Rachio smart sprinkler controller and there are detailed instructions of how to install it with a Rachio!

Read this article – Rachio compatibility with RAIN BIRD WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor, it will give you wiring instructions including chart and diagrams.

Toro Wireless Rain Sensor

Toro Wireless Rain Sensor requires no special tools for installation, it includes Quick-Clip™ gutter bracket. When you have it installed be rest assured that it will give you reliable rain sensing that provides optimum water savings. Also with a Toro product, you will be pleased to know that their innovative wireless technology provides easy to use, advanced features for prompt reaction when it starts to rain

Toro Wired Rain Sensor Price
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Toro Rain Sensor Installation

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The Toro Wireless Rain Sensor is another rain sensor that Rachio recommends that it can be used with a Rachio wifi sprinkler. To follow installation instructions go here – Rachio compatibility with Toro Wireless Rain Sensor…

Soil Sensor

Since when you set up your app there is where you need to input soil types, a soil sensor will help with that when you have one buried in the ground. A soil sensor will tell the soil type and communicate with Rachio smart water sprinkler controller. The following are among the soil sensors supported by Rachio.

  • Toro Soil Sensor

Rachio Outdoor Installation | Rain Bird ST8O Smart Wifi Timer

Flow Sensor

Rachio has in-built flow sensoring capability and you can download your water usage report and even savings data. Though Rachio can give you these data, it may be wiser to have an external flow sensor.

This is because the way usage (and water savings) are obtained by Rachio the app estimates inches/hour based on the nozzle type, and assume a typical 1,000 sqft zone area. These are plugged into a formula to get gallons/min, and since the length of time in minutes of a given head has run for would be know, the formula can be used to estimate the gallons used.


Savings are calculated based on the gallons saved any time the device skips a schedule due to Weather intelligence on Fixed schedules. If you are using Flexible Schedules, Rachio does not yet calculate water savings from Flexible schedules.

With a flow sensor it monitors the actual flow of water running through a pipe, there is no estimation as with the above. This allows the controller to record and report your sprinklers water consumption in gallons. The Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controller is compatible with the following flow sensor’;

Badger – 228PV15, 228PV20

CST – FSI-T10-001, FSI-T15-001, FSI-T20-001

Toro – TFS-050, TFS-075, TFS-100, TFS-150, TFS-200

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