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Rachio Sprinkler Smart Controller Installation

Rachio Sprinkler Smart Controller Installation


If you have just purchased your Rachio, a weather-based sprinkler controller, and wanted it installed for you by an expert then this article will help you. There are two types of installation services you can choose from namely;

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa
Rachio Sprinkler Controller Installation – this is a basic installation that includes;

  • Installation and setup of one Rachio Sprinkler Controller
  • Use voice commands to manage your sprinkler hands-free
  • Save up to 30% off your water bill
  • Set up watering schedules tailored to your yard size, shade level, soil, etc
  • Enable features that change watering schedules based on the weather forecast

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Rachio Pro Installer will set up your Rachio Sprinkler Controller to your yard specifications such as size, shade level, soil type, clay content level, etc. Using irrigation technology, it will create schedules that best fit your watering needs. Read more about this service here!
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The other service is WiFi Irrigation Controller Replacement and it includes;

  • Service provided by a local pro
  • Testing existing sprinkler system and zone functionality
  • Detaching old irrigation controller
  • Mounting and wiring 1 customer-supplied WiFi controller
  • Connecting the controller to WiFi and mobile app
  • System configuration and tutorial

Rachio 3 WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, Works with Alexa, 8-Zone

This service has received a lot of positive reviews from people who have used and it comes in highly recommended. It’s ideal for you if you want everything thoroughly checked because it includes testing an existing sprinkler system and zone functionality. Read more here about WiFi Irrigation Controller Replacement Service here!
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Otherwise, if you are planning to buy one and worried you might not be able to install it correctly, there is a video below to guide you through the Rachio installation. You will find that it is easy to follow.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

If you wanted to purchase this excellent web-based irrigation controller wifi sprinkler controller go ahead and click the link below;

Click Here To Buy Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 16 Zone 2nd Generation, With Rachio Outdoor Enclosure From Amazon.com
Note that should you still be skeptical about whether you can do the installation or not, you can purchase it with the Rachio Installation Service. Click on the icon with service on the corner for A price.

Rachio Installation Video Guide

In the Rachio installation video guide below, you keep hearing reference to IRO and in case you are wondering “what is Rachio IRO?” Rachio IRO is an earlier version of the Rachio Smart Sprinkler controller. You may call it 1st Generation since now in 2017 the newer version is the 2nd Generation. For clarity here are the models;

Rachio 1st Generation Models

Click Here For Rachio iro 8-zone smart sprinkler controller, Model# 8ZULW, then click on 8 zone button!
Click Here For Rachio iro 16-zone smart sprinkler controller, Model# 16ZULW

Rachio 2nd Generation Models

Click Here For Rachio smart sprinkler controller 8 zone 2nd generation, Model# 8ZULW-B
Click Here For Rachio smart sprinkler controller 16 zone 2nd generation, Model# 16ZULW-B

Now back to the video demo. In this demonstration, you are going to learn the steps to install your new Rachio gadget on an already existing sprinkler system. You are going to know the basic tools you need, how to check Wi-Fi signal strength, how to remove the old timer, to wire including Rachio master valve wiring, how to pair the new gadget with Wi-Fi, where to download the rachio App,how to register the Rachio Wi-Fi sprinkler To Rachio Account and lastly closing off the panel. Shall we?!

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller Installation and Wifi Connection

Click Here For Rachio Gen 2 Installation Video Guide

Installing the IRO can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Before you get started, unpack the contents of the box which include;

  • Install guide – i.e. Rachio User Manual,
  • Power Adapter,
  • Screws,
  • Front Panel,
  • and Wall Mount.

Tools Needed To Install Rachio

To get started you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and an ios or android smartphone or tablet. If you’re mounting the IRO to drywall you will also want an electric drill, drill bit and a hammer. You are now ready to start the hardware installation.

How To Check WiFi Signal Strength For Your Rachio

Check the Wi-Fi at your current controllers’ location. To do this connect your local network on your smartphone or tablet and observe the network strength while standing next to your controller.

Manually run your sprinklers to ensure your system is functioning properly. If the zone isn’t operational take note and make sure to repair any related issues.

Unplugging Your Old Controller

Unplug your old controller. For reference take a picture of your wiring set up on your old timer before you remove any wires. Label important wires on the old timer. Important wires include a common master or pump valve and any sensors. Once the wires are labeled go ahead and remove them.

Remove the old controller. To remove your timer look for screws or mounting brackets that connect it to the wall. Be careful not to damage your wall in the process. Attach the wall mount before you secure the wall plate to the wall. Snake your wires into the terminal area using one of two holes either on the back or bottom of the wall plate. Once you’ve ratted the wires into the wall plate attach it to the wall using the hardware provided.

Rachio wiring

Reattach the wires;

  • Common wires attached to the white terminal slots,
  • Master valve or pump valve wires attached to the blue terminal slot,
  • Sensor wires attached to the yellow terminal slots,
  • Zone wires attached to the green terminal slots.

Refer to your wiring picture if necessary.

How To Pair Rachio sprinkler controller To Wi-Fi Using Blink-Up

Next, we will go over how to pair your IRO to Wi-Fi using blink up. Download the app from the Apple App Store or the google play store. The app will lead you step-by-step through the registration and set up your IRO.

How To Register The Rachio Wi-Fi sprinkler To Rachio Account

Now let’s register your ratio account you’ll need to enter your full name email username and password name your IRO. Henry is a good name or maybe Susan you will also need to enter the zip code where the device will be housed. Plug in your IRO. There are three indicators on the upper right-hand corner of your IRO. They include;

  1. Power,
  2. Wi-Fi in status,
  3. Verify your smartphone is connected to your local network via Wi-Fi.

Double check that the listed network is the one you want to pair your IRO. If you do not know your password please retrieve it as it is required for the blink up. Next, you will follow the steps in the app to connect to Wi-Fi using blink up.

After reviewing the instructions in the app, press the green button on the screen. Place your phone screen over the photosensor in the bottom left hand of the IRO following blink up. The Wi-Fi status light will flash green quickly to confirm it captured the blink up code
From your mobile device. Once complete you should get one of two screens – a successful blink up or a failure to connect to Wi-Fi.

If successful your IRO Wi-Fi signal will blink green for one hour after which time it will turn off. If you did not get a successful blink up please follow the instructions on the app to attempt a second blink up. If problems further persist please contact Rachio support.

Rachio Installation Final Step

Lastly, connect the front panel to the wall mount. Congratulations your Rachio IRO is now fully installed. Next, you’ll want to configure your zones and schedules from the app.

This is an indoor unit installation. If you want guidance on Rachio outdoor installation, the steps are still the same except you will need the Rachio Outdoor Enclosure compatible with the model you have. The Rachio Iro 8-zone smart sprinkler controller or Rachio IRO 16-zone smart sprinkler controller have do not have their own specific enclosure but the newer versions have i.e. Rachio 8 zone 2nd generation and Rachio 16 zone 2nd generation have their own.

However, the enclosure compatible with the Rachio IRO is the Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather-Resistant Outdoor-Mounted Controller Timer Box Cover.

Click Here To Watch The Rachio IRO outdoor Installation Video!

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