This a Rachio IRO outdoor installation video to give you an idea how to install your new web based irrigation controller. If you have not purchased one and you planning on purchasing a new one rather get the newer version the Rachio smart sprinkler controller 2nd Generation, it is available at and it comes in two models.

The 8ZULW-B Model the Rachio Gen 2 8 Zone – Read review here!
The 16ZULW-B Model the Rachio Gen 2 16 Zone – Read review here!


Click Here Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (2nd Generation)


Click Here For Rachio Sprinkler Review 

After watching this Rachio outdoor enclosure video you would have learnt that the IRO does not have a Rachio Gen 1 enclosure as is with the Generation 2. The enclosure compatible with the IRO is the Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather-Resistant Outdoor-Mounted Controller Timer Box Cover, which is available at

If you want to buy the IRO model (i.e. Gen 1), though not recommended, you can purchase it with the Orbit 57095 Outdoor-Mounted Box Cover. One advantage of buying the Gen 1 version is the price, it costs a little less than the Rachio 8 zone 2nd generation even with the Orbit 57095 box.

However, remember that the installation of the inner unit is the same as described in this Rachio Sprinkler Smart Controller Installation video. Just follow the accompanying Rachio installation manual and wiring instructions. The difference is you have to install the box first and turn the unit upside down as described in the video above.

If you purchase the second generation model (either 8 or 16 zone) you don’t have to be worried about buying a different brand enclosure and improvise somewhat. There is Rachio Gen 2 outdoor enclosure (for newer model). It is Rachio Outdoor Enclosure, for 2nd Generation Sprinkler Controller 16RACHBX.

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