Are you looking to change the way you water your yard with a web-based irrigation controller? This is a Rachio IRO review for 8 zones and we have selected a Youtube video that does an excellent job of explaining its features and benefits, how it works especially with the app, how to install it and more. The article will share with you a complete overview of what the Rachio IRO 8-zone smart sprinkler controller is and where to buy it. However, note that there is a newer version of this device and if you were planning on buying one rather buy the newer version, Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation.

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Rachio IRO ReviewWhen you visit take note of the model numbers as well, the model number for the IRO (1st Gen) is Rachio 8ZULW while that of the newer one (2nd Gen) is Rachio 8ZULW-B, notice the ‘-B’ at the end. The other thing that you also need to note is that if you will be installing this device outdoors, the Rachio 8ZULW does not have a designed-for outdoor enclosure from the manufacturer.

You would rather buy a third party enclosure. The outdoor enclosure that has been found to work well with Rachio IRO is Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather-Resistant Outdoor-Mounted Controller Timer Box Cover. To save purchase them together as a bundle. Installing the IRO with this enclosure box needs some improvising, watch this Rachio Outdoor Enclosure video to see how you should install it.

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If you would rather buy the 8ZULW-B model, it has a designed for outdoor enclosure – Rachio Outdoor Enclosure, for 2nd Generation Sprinkler Controller model# 16RACHBX. Normally you save more when you package the two together as a bundle. So there you have your options we thought it would be wiser to know so that when you purchase at least you are informed. And you can look at a brief comparison of the Rachio Gen 2 vs Gen 1 here to help you further to decide which one to buy.
OK, now let’s watch the video!

Rachio IRO 8 Zone WiFi Smart Irrigation Controller Review Video

Click Here For Rachio Outdoor Installation Rachio sprinkler controller

Today I’m really excited to be sharing with you a product that we’re adding to the smart technology here at our house. It’s the Rachio intelligent sprinkler controller made by rachio. Most people who have irrigation systems are uncomfortable programming on their existing controller. This controller makes it super easy because it utilizes something that everyone seems to be comfortable using nowadays. Your smart device! So using your phone or using your tablet, you can set this controller up;

        • You can set your run times





    • And a schedule for your controller



    • And you can also have this controller connect to the closest weather station to your home



    • And it can tell your controller whether your system needs to run or not



    • It saves water



    • It saves time



    • And it saves the hassle


So let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s in the box and we’ll go ahead and show you how easy it is to set it up. Okay, when we first opened up the box you’re going to find an easy install guide – the Rachio Manual. You’re going to see the front panel to the unit. If you take that off you’re going to see the wall mount that has all the terminals for where your irrigation wiring will install. It also includes a 24-volt power adapter and you’ve got a wire and a wiring guide inside the box. I’ve disconnected the power to the old controller but before I disconnect any other wires. I’m going to snap a picture of the inside of the unit here, that way when I begin installing the wires into the new system I’m making sure that they’re going back where they’re supposed to.

Rachio Installation


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Now I’m ready to go ahead and remove the wire with all those wires lose. Now I can go ahead and start removing the unit from the wall. I’ve gone ahead and put two acres into the wall here to secure the wall mount to the wall and I’ve gone ahead and put one of the screws in just to hold it in place. Now I’m going to go ahead and take the wires from my irrigation system and I’m going to run them up through this channel here into the wall mount itself. Now with those all in place, I’ll go ahead and secure the wall mount to the wall. Now at this point, I can go ahead and reference the picture I took earlier. That way I make sure that the wires get put back to the terminals that they’re supposed to. Attaching the wires into the terminals is really easy. With the bear end of the wire, you’ll just push into the terminal and it locks in place. If your system like mine has two commons you can put 1 here on this side and one on this side, since we’re all done with the wire, let’s go ahead and put the face plate back on and we’ll go ahead and plug in the power supply. Now at this point, if you haven’t already downloaded the Rachio app you’ll need to do that.

Rachio App Integration

I’ve gone ahead and signed in to my account and I’m going to add a device. Will name it the DIY village put in your zip code continue. Now it needs to access your wi-fi, so we’ll connect to a network which you’ll have to put your wi-fi password in. Once you put that in it’s going to give you notice. You need to read and understand that. Now we’ll hit connect it’s going to flash the screen so we need to turn the screen up against the sensor down here in the corner. Basically, you’re just following the instructions on the screen. Now it’s going to try to connect to your network and we’ve succeeded. So now we’re going to follow the instructions by setting up our zones. So it’s going to go ahead and turn on each zone as we program it.

Setting Up Zones

That way we know we’re programming at the correct zone. You can change the name of the zone if you like. Now it’s going to ask you if you question like;

        • What’s growing in the zone -we’ve got warm season grass?





    • What kind of soil does he hit do you have?



    • How much sun does it get?



    • And what kind of irrigation head is running there – which we’ve got a rotor it?



    • And is it slightly sloped?


So it’s just that simple to program a zone. Here’s the display that you’ll see once you’re done programming in your zones.

Setting Up Schedules

Now it shows you your local weather forecast for the week. This is where if you need to change your weather station you can. As you scroll down you can see that there’s a watering schedule system here and if you hit edit watering schedule you can add a schedule. So we’ll do a fixed schedule or you can do flexible schedule and this is where you’d select all the different zones that you want to include in the watering schedule. Once you’ve selected your zones you’ll need to come down here to zone durations and this is where you can adjust the time that each zone runs. So if I want to decrease it I just hit the minus icon. If I want to increase it I just hit the plus icon once I’m done. Scroll down here and I can set the start time how many days a week it would repeat and then once I’m done I’ll just hit save and there’s just a quick look at how to set up the irrigation controller by Rachio a very cool and innovative irrigation controller. See more here:


Where To Buy Rachio First Generation aka IRO

Click here to buy Rachio IRO 8-zone smart sprinkler controller from Other places you can get Rachio – Hoem Depot, Lowe’s etc. The good thing with buying from is the number of reviews you get to read from people who have bought and used the device. Currently, at the time of this writing, the Rachio Generation 2 review count is over 1.6K with over 95% absolutely loving. Well the Rachio first generation is not getting as many because people are now onto the newer version. But all the same it has over 950 reviews with over 92% loving it – click here for Rachio IRO review page. This is not to say other online merchants like Home Depot do not have reviews, they have but not as many. People love Amazon because normally their prices are lower and they have free shipping on most of their items. So we would recommend that you by this device from

The above-reviewed device covers 8 zones, there is Rachio IRO 16-Zone Smart Sprinkler which covers 16 zones you can read about it here – Rachio 16 Zone.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 2nd Generation
The newer versions are 8ZULW-B and 16ZULW-B mentioned in this Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

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