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When you’re at home, it’s not hard to water your lawn at the right time.

Sprinkler or hose, you open the spigot and let it rip.

But what if you’re at work? Or gone for the weekend?

If you have the Orbit 62061Z Single-Outlet Hose Watering Timer, it’s not an issue.

The timer will turn on the water whenever you wantas long as you want, and you don’t have to worry about it.

No more dead plants because you couldn’t get to them, or because you plain forgot. No more soggy lawns from letting sprinklers run too long.

If you don’t have a timer for your hoses and sprinklers, it might be time to get one. 

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What Can the Orbit Watering Timer Do for You?

The Orbit timer will water your lawn every day, the same time of day, until you program it to do something else.

You can tell it to go as short as a minute or as long as four hours every time it waters.

If once a day isn’t enough, it can turn the water on every six hours or every 12 hours. If once a day is too often, you can water as infrequently as once every seven days.

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If it’s been rainy, you can skip waterings. Tell the timer to hold off for one, two, or three days, and when that time is up, it will resume its regular schedule.

If the weather’s been dry, you can add an extra watering session without disrupting your programmed watering schedule.

The timer will save you water and money by watering when and only when it should.

Easy To Use

The Orbit Single Outlet Hose Watering Timer has a large, easy-to-read LCD digital display and an oversize ergonomically friendly dial.

Dial settings are marked in distinct letters with clear instructions: Set Clock, Start Time, How Long, How Often. The Off and Auto dial settings control whether your schedule is running. 

The quick start manual is short because the instructions are simple. You can also find numerous YouTube videos if you like to view a demonstration.

The timer runs on two AA batteries. There’s a low battery warning light. The timer retains its schedule while the batteries are being changed

There are only a few warnings to be aware of.

Use it with cold water only. Clean the easy-to-remove filter frequently and change it when it’s worn. Disconnect it and take it inside when the weather turns freezing.

And a couple of setup items to remember.

Be careful when setting time to choose AM or PM. Make sure the dial is set on AUTO if you want the schedule to run.

Easy To Set Up

It took me literally minutes to take the timer out of the box and put it work

First, I hooked it up between the hose and the spigot. With the ergonomic swivel connection, that part is a cinch.

Then I rolled around the dial and programmed my settings. Just turn it counterclockwise and do each step in turn

SET CLOCK: Using the +/- buttons, I set the current time, being careful to choose PM because I did this in the afternoon.

START TIME: I turned the dial one position and chose a starting time of 8:00 AM.

HOW LONG: I picked 45 minutes, but I could have chosen minutes anywhere from one to 240.

HOW OFTEN: I chose the number “1” for every day.

Then all I had to do was turn the dial to AUTO, and it did exactly what I asked it to

If I want to either water manually or skip a day, I do that with the dial on AUTO: the MANUAL button for extra watering and the + button for 24, 48 or 72 hours of no watering. 

How Long Does the Timer Last?

The Orbit 62061Z programmable hose faucet timer is made of plastic and is built to be water-resistant. There is a similar model, the Orbit 62056. 

The display and dials of the two are similar. The biggest difference between the Orbit 62061Z vs 62056 is that both connectors of the 62061Z are plastic and the 62056 connector to the spigot is metal. The 62056 costs a few dollars more.

The Orbit 62061Z has a one year warranty. I’ve had mine for longer and haven’t experienced any problems.

However, I’ve heard reports that not everyone has been as fortunate. 

One problem is that the timer has suddenly stopped working, either failing to start watering or failing to stop. While some customers have used their Orbit timers for 10 years or more with no glitches, others have had failures after just a few months.

The timer can’t take extreme heat. It’s stated limit is 120 degrees, but in the sun in hot climates, the temperature can exceed that. 

Another reported problem is leakage. That’s not just leakage at the connectors but inside the unit.

One resourceful fellow repaired the problem with a screwdriver and pliers, but most people will prefer to send it back and replace it. 

There’ve also been reports of short battery life, as short as a few weeks. Orbit says the timer is designed so that batteries should last at least a full season.

At the end of the season, I took mine inside, drained it, changed the filter, and put it away for the winter. I inserted fresh batteries when I set it up in the spring. 

Some people test the batteries in the spring, and if they’re OK, they let them ride. 

Should You Buy an Orbit 62061Z Programmable Hose Faucet Timer?

I’m happy with mine. For a budget watering timer, it does everything you and I could expect.

Bear in mind that, while the timer is internally programmable, it doesn’t have 21st-century “smarts.” 

There’s no Bluetooth or wifi. You can’t control it from your smartphone or make it interface with smart devices.

I’m not crazy about the description of this device on Orbit’s website. There isn’t as much information as I’d like.

You’ll learn as much or more by reading the Orbit 62021 user manual or looking at a vendor site like Amazon.

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