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Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor Outdoor Sprinkler Controller Review


Orbit B-hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler

Orbit 57946 B-Hyve smart indoor outdoor 6-station wifi sprinkler system controller is latest innovative technology in the sprinkler system and it is great for the price. As the name states it is smart. Which means it can access the internet and you don’t have to run around to reset your timer, it’s technology at your fingertips.

The wifi sprinkler system is a great way to minimize water overuse. It has technological tools to help you water without overwatering. In areas where water restrictions are implemented, it’s a great help to set schedules ahead of time and restrict water overuse. The programmable timer is just that programmable to fit whatever restrictions you might have. Whether overwatering is your problem or water restrictions all of these problems can be flawlessly be taken care of by the smart timer.

The smart timer is also a great way to save you money. It can prevent overwatering which saves you money in the long run.

Overwatering can also deplete the soil over time which can cause you more money to fix soil composition for a pleasing lawn.The Orbit Smart has control over 6-zones on your lawn. It can be used very efficiently so you don’t over water any area. It has technology that takes into consideration soil type, sunshade, and slope to determine the amount of water needed to water the area.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Compatible with Alexa

It’s a way to optimize the sprinkler system that helps to conserve water, prevents overwatering and saves you money. You can do all this very conveniently from your home or from anywhere in the world.

Orbit 57946 B-Hyve smart indoor outdoor 6-station wifi sprinkler system controller has all the perks of higher end technology at an affordable price. The easiest to program timers it can be programmed manually or right from your smartphone app. Comes in good quality weatherproof case and has a large LCD screen. The LCD screen provides all the data you need right on the timer. You can see your scheduled timings, delays and wifi status. Very easily installed the orbit provides dual common wires so you don’t have to hire professionals to do the job.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Compatible with Alexa

It has 2.4GHz wifi chip to establish a strong connection. Provides Strong wifi connection up to 200ft for a smooth connection to the device so you can just replace your old device and secure the new one with ease. The sprinkler system is also sensor compatible.

It can connect with any major pump brand granted it has a relay and you can increase sensor effectiveness by adding a weather detection sensor to optimize rain and freeze temperatures.


Orbit 57946 B-Hyve Smart Indoor Outdoor 6-station wifi sprinkler system controller has many properties some of them are:

1. Sprinkler timer combines the easiest method to bring the right amount of water to your plants. It is designed to help you water your yard by understanding the ecological conditions of your yard. It helps you do this from anywhere because of wifi technology within it.

2. You can set up the app from an Android phone, IOS or web device and it’s easy to use. Since the set up can be done right from your smart device you have the ease of seeing everything within the app itself.

The app contains:

a. Watering History – here you will find exactly when how much water has been used on your lawn and at which zones. Amount of water given to plants.
b. Real-time monitoring means you can control the schedule. If you want the device to water now or not. You can tell it to delay right away with just using your app.
c. Real-time updates are when or what changes your smart sprinkler has adjusted to your scheduled settings.
d. Smart and manual scheduling means that you can water using the smart technology or you can water yourself, you can do both. You can tell your app when you can and can’t water due to watering restrictions.
e. Calendar to know what your schedule is and make any changes which might come up.

3. The Hyve 6-station has weather sense smart technology which means that it gets live weather feed so it can schedule rain delays. Water sense technology also takes into account slope soil type sun shade and weather. This helps to make sure the sprinkler controller delivers the right amount of water to your lawn.
a. Watersense technology also comes EPA certified.
b. Orbit b Hyve Smart also sends the update to your smartphone app so you can rest assured of not overwatering.

4. B Hyve Smart is the perfect timer for new installations. It can be installed indoor-outdoor(indoor outdoor) for your convenience. One of the most innovative program timers on the market, because it can be set up with a smart phone, computer or at the timer itself depending on your preference.

5. Orbit B Hyve smart is one of the only timers on the market with the remote capabilities so you can control it from anywhere in the world. It can also be used with Amazon Alexa and be controlled by voice. Now with your voice, you can tell it to begin watering.

The Orbit 57946 B-Hyve Smart Indoor Outdoor 6-Station wifi Sprinkler System Controller provides great service at an affordable price through excellent technological means. It is easy to install and combines the easiest to program to set up the timer. The timer comes is a case that can be locked and weather resistant which can be installed either indoors or out for your convenience.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Compatible with Alexa

The B-Hyve has state of the art technology for your wifi app. The sprinkler technology helps you to manage your watering from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. You just need a wifi connection and you can connect to your timer.

If you like to manually control your timer then that is an option as well because you can do that too.
The sprinkler system helps you save money by conserving water usage. Water is a precious resource and should be used without wastage.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Compatible with Alexa

The B-Hyve smart provide that peace of mind for you. It automatically sets up rain delays so you don’t have the stress and saving you money. It has been tested rigorously for Watersense technology and SWAT to ensure the lawn is not over watered which in return saves you money.

The Orbit B-Hyve Smart is one of the only sprinkler systems on the market that uses Catch Cup technology. This help to fine-tune your system so you know how much water you really need on your lawn. It help reduce overwatering that most sprinklers end up doing.
The Weathersense technology is another way the B-Hyve sprinkler system saves resources and money.

Weathersense looks ahead into the weather predictions and reschedules your watering. Then calculates another schedule for your lawn and prevents overwatering. Remember you can also tell it to water whatever zone you think needs more water so all of this is in your hands.

Another great advantage of the sprinkler controller is that it connects to Amazon Alexa, giving you a voice control advantage. Now the timer smart sprinkler system can be controlled by speaking into Alexa. This incorporates flawless technology integration and provides a great system for the user.

The Orbit Smart is the optimal way to water your yard/lawn. It provides the technology at your fingertips and saves you money. It can connect to any of your smart devices and you can update it where ever you are. It really is your home gardner without the costs. It is an efficient way to water your lawn using convenient technology that helps to conserve water for you and saves you money at the end.

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