Melnor AquaSentry is a wireless moisture sensor that offers a home gardener to cut on the water bill while being able to maintain a healthy lawn, beautiful flowers and thriving garden. With the Melnor AquaSentry Automatic Rain Delay Water Timer you can cut down on laboring in your garden.I

Automatic Rain Delay For Aqua Timers

In the same way as the Hydrologic Soil Moisture Sensor, this Melnor automatic rain delay and moisture sensor is compatible with select aquatimers including the latest innovation, Melnor 16043-RSC Rain Cloud. When coupled with the Melnor RainCloud wonders happen. You can control everything with the tap of your finger or speak to it to give commands!

Melnor Automatic Rain Delay 3300 Features

  • Accessory for Melnor Raincloud Smart Watering System % Melnor AquaTimers, sold separately
  • Monitors soil moisture levels and sends a signal to the Raincloud System to stop watering when there is enough moisture in the soil
  • 3 Moisture level presets provide flexibility for different plant types with differing water needs
  • Prevents overwatering and helps reduce overall water usage
  • Turns Raincloud and AquaTimer into a fully automated watering system

Melnor AquaSentry Wireless Sensor Video Description

The AquaSentry works with select Aquatimer models. It works with Melnor 2 zone water timer model 3100, Melnor 4 zone water timer models – 3284, RainCloud – 16043-RSC and the wifi Aquatimer – 15043-RSC.

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