The Melnor 15043-RSC WiFi Aquatimer will do the watering for you. It will water 4 different areas from one faucet, all you have to do is set up the schedules on each of the 4 zones. The WiFi capability allows you to control it from your smartphone or laptop. It is not a wifi hose controller, it can be used as a smart sprinkler controller for drip irrigation, etc. To sweeten the whole thing up, like the Melnor Rain Cloud, the Wifi aqua timer is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Watch the following short review of the Melnor wifi water timer 15043-RSC. There is a newer version of this device called Melnor RainCloud, model 16043-RSC! The difference between the two is that model 16043-RSC comes with an ethernet cable making it much more reliable to connect to the internet.


Note: This Melnor WiFi AquaTimer, Model 15043-RSC has a newer model Melnor Raincloud Model 16043-RSC

The Melnor 15043-RSC WiFi Aquatimer is an earlier innovation in the art and science of lawn and garden care. It was the next best thing a gardener can have, a smart controller for irrigation system. Also see Melnor Rain Cloud Review.

Melnor WiFi Aquatimer model# 15043-RSC is now replaced by the 16043-RSC model discussed above, the Melnor RainCloud. If you have not yet bought this wifi sprinkler controller for drip irrigation rather buy the latest model.

However, if you already own Melnor wifi aquatimer (15043-RSC) the good news it can now be integrated with Alexa. You can talk to it, to give instructions! This is a new addition and development so that you may not be left behind!

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