Gardening has never been easier with the Melnor Raincloud Internet Controlled Smart Timer.

You can now water your garden while you are away from it – at friends place, at work, etc.

You can go for a while and not worried who is going to water the garden for you.

With the Melnor Raincloud Internet Controlled Smart Timer you can do it while,

away irrespective of the location as long as you have internet access and a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

If you are home you don’t have to get outdoors to do the watering.

A tap of your fingers is enough to set the sprinklers going.

Better still you can give it voice commands. You just speak and the watering begins.

The Melnor WiFi AquaTimer Smart Water Timer is amazing.

Let’s explore it a bit!

What Is The Melnor RainCloud ?

Melnor RainCloud is the easiest, most flexible solution for watering up to 4 areas from one faucet.

RainCloud is an internet controlled SMART 4 valve device that can be operated from a similarly smart device

to easily schedule watering from home or while away, at the office, on vacation, anywhere there is internet access.

This smart sprinkler controller can be programmed to water on specific days of the month.

If you want it to water on odd-numbered days of the month, it can do that. If you want even days, the same applies.

This is handy especially when you live in an area that has water restrictions.

How To Set It Up

Setting up this wifi water timer is a snap and connecting it to you smart device is as easy as pie!.

You will attest to that once you look through the Melnor RainCloud instructions on how to set it up. You first have to create a free RainCloud account from the Melnor rain cloud website.

You can find it here – – for your Melnor Rain Cloud login and for free account creation.

Scheduling From Melnor App


You then have to download a Melnor App (Apple and Android) to be able to communicate with the internet enabled SMART device.

With the App you have endless scheduling options.

They range from easy daily watering to intricate irrigation schedules to meet the most advanced gardening needs.

It allows you to have the most advanced internet controlled sprinkler system.

Each zone which can be connected to a sprinkler, drip irrigation system, soaker hose, etc. and would have its own watering schedule.

All you have to do is set up each zone accordingly bearing in mind how much water the zone needs.

That is the length of time you would want the watering to run and the frequency.

The frequency of watering would mean how many times in a day or week would you like to water your garden. You set up once and you will be set until you want to change something.

How User-Friendly Is The RainCloud

The Raincloud is a higher version of Melnor WiFi Aqua Timer which was found to be a bit difficult to connect to the internet where the signal was not so good.

The RainCloud comes with an ethernet cable so that you can have that physical cable connection, that way the wifi will not fail. Well if it fails the cord is there.

The RainCloud turns 1 faucet into 4, that is you can water 4 different areas from 1 outlet.

It may happen that you want to water manually or use the faucet for things that are not scheduled in the app.

So it would be a good choice to purchase the Raincloud over the wifi AquaTimer.

The RainCLoud is model Melnor 16043-RSC while the WiFi Aquatimer is 15043-RSC.

In that case, you can temporarily make one of the valves manual by either turning the knob on the device to manual or simply use tap on your smart device to activate the manual feature.

This is often handy when you need extra watering, especially during summer.

If you do not want to tap to give instructions to the RainCloud, you can speak to it if you have Amazon Alexa.

That is how user-friendly this product is. It can be integrated with Amazon Alexa to receive voice commands.

The Melnor rain cloud manual will have full instruction on how to do that or visit the Melnor official website here for more information on how to incorporate it with Amazon Alexa.

It also gives you a full command list –

How To Enhance Even More Control On Watering

The moment you incorporate a smart water timer in your garden you very well know that you will be cutting on your water bill because you will have a more controlled watering schedule. With the Melnor water timers, you can take it up a notch by completely automating it.

To save even more on your water bill you would want to be able to water only when it is necessary. You should not just water because the schedule says so. If the soil is wet enough there is no need to water or when it is raining. These are the things that would be a bit difficult to tell.

You can not always dig the ground to see if it is still moist so you can skip watering. It will defeat the purpose of having a smart sprinkler system. The answer is to couple it with Melnor AquaSentry Soil Moisture Sensor 3300!

With the Melnor RainCloud Smart Water Timer and other Aquatimer digital devices, you can automate your watering by adding Melnor AquaSentry Soil Moisture Sensor. AquaSentry will monitor the soil to prevent over-watering when it has rained or when the soil is still moist enough. It’s easy and completely automatic and it will cut down further on your water bill. No unnecessary watering, no matter what the schedule says.

Other Fun Ways To Get The Most Out Of Device

The following video shows how else you can use this internet controlled smart device. You can scare away squirrels with it. You don’t have to get off the chair to chase away the troublesome squirrels. Just press a button or give a command. And within a second the water will start squirting, giving the squirrels a run for their lives!


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