Are you looking for a simple water timer for your lawn or garden? The Melnor RainCloud Internet Controlled Smart 4 Valve Garden watering irrigation timer is what you are looking for. Melnor RainCloud Smart Water Timer is not only simple but also wi-fi enabled to allow you to water your garden remotely and automatically. It is SMART!

Automate Your Gardening With Melnor Rain Cloud

With the new Melnor Raincloud Smart Watering System, you can automate your watering and simplify your life. This advanced smart controller for irrigation system allows you to get the benefits of the complex scheduling available with in-ground, professionally installed sprinkler controller for drip irrigation without the hassle, costs or mess of digging up your yard for installation.

Instead, with the Melnor smart garden watering timer, Raincloud, you will simply connect up to 4 different watering systems to different zones in your yard. If you have been doing the hard work of watering one area more than the other because it needs more water, with this device you do not have to struggle anymore.

Melnor Rain Cloud Smart Garden Watering Timer Features

  • Control your watering from anywhere you have internet access with a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Setup is a breeze with a simple plug and plays connection to your router and an App that makes scheduling easy and fun
  • Water up to 4 different areas or zones with 1 faucet, all with independent watering schedules with multiple cycles throughout the day
  • Save water and fully automate with the addition of the AquaSentry Moisture Sensor which detects soil moisture and controls watering automatically
  • No need to dig up your yard for an in-ground system: Raincloud works with standard garden hoses, drip systems, soaker hoses and all types of sprinklers

Below are some of the necessary resources you will need (or know about) after purchasing the RainCloud device.

Melnor App

The Melnor App is available online for free download. Here are a few examples you can download the app;

Melnor Start – Android Apps on Google Play
Melnor Start app used to connect the Melnor WiFi AquaTimer to your home WiFi network using your Android mobile device…

Melnor RainCloud on the App Store
App to program and operate your Melnor© RainCloud® or WiFi AquaTimer™. Melnor, Inc. Web SiteMelnor RainCloud Support…

Melnor Login

The Melnor Rain Cloud login website to configure your device is at

Melnor Setup


After purchasing your Raincloud and installing the app you can get the setup guide here

However, the package should come with the setup guide. For General Router Settings and Procedure to Connect WiFi Timer to Router click here!, you will find Melnor rain cloud instructions!

Melnor Support

For Melnor support, you can contact Melnor via their website contact page or simply post a question at At, it is more like a forum community where one posts a question and whoever has an answer can post their answer. However, one must be careful with the type of answers they receive. A second opinion will always be the best.

You may start with help question found here Melnor Help before proceeding to other means of seeking support.

Melnor Rain Cloud Review

Watch the following preview video explaining how to use the Raincloud and why it the best smart controller for the sprinkler system and water savings!


Comparing Melnor 16043 With Other Melnor Water Timers

You might know the difference between the Melnor water timers since others are wireless enabled while others are not. Further to make an informed decision you need to know what is out there so that you may buy correctly and avoid any surprises. With Melnor you can purchase wifi water timer or plain digital water timer.

Melnor 16043 vs 15043

The other thing that you should know about this timer, model 16043-RSC, and how different it is from its predecessors is that it now comes with a cable to connect to your router, unlike the 15043-RSC. This is because with the 15043-RSC you would struggle to connect if your wifi was not strong enough. So the cable that comes with the newer version makes it much easier to connect to the internet.

It can also compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means you can give it voice commands to do what you wish to do in terms of watering. The WiFi AquaTimer can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa as the latest development. This means with the newly attained Alexa Raincloud Skill, you can control these wireless-enabled devices hands-free with voice commands like;

Raincloud Amazon Alexa Commands

Melnor 15043 vs 25043


Melnor 15043 and Melnor 25043 are essentially the same. There is no difference in Model #15043 and #25043.

“The units are identical except for the graphics on the label and packaging used by one of our distributors.”

See answer to this question – What is the difference between this unit and the 15043-RSC? here… This unit is referred to is Melnor 25043-GT – Green Thumb Smart Water Timer.

The Melnor 15043, 25043 and 16043 are internet enabled, meaning they can be controlled remotely from a tablet, smartphone or computer as long as there is internet access. However, Melnor 16043 is the latest of version and it would be wiser to purchase it if you do not already have the 15043 model.

The 16043-RSC model has improved features that the 15043 was lacking in, it connects to the router via Ethernet cable so you don’t have to be worried about WiFi issues. The 15043 had WiFi issues that is why the Ethernet cable was introduced.

Melnor 16043 vs Melnor Hydrologic and Aquatimer Water Timers

Melnor rain cloud and aquatimer are different, the RainCloud is wifi enabled while the digital aquatimer is not.
The Melnor 16043, 15043 and 25043 can only be programmed and controlled remotely via the internet it. The Melnor Hydrologic and Aquatimer Water Timers will operate remotely according to the schedules programmed but they cannot be controlled remotely via the internet.

Click Here To Read More About the Melnor Hydrologic Water Timers…


How Can I Lower My Water Bill

If your question is “what can I do to lower my water bill” your answer is in using wifi water timers like the Melnor AquaCloud. How can it reduce my water bill? With a wifi sprinkler controller system, you will be able to set up watering schedules customized per zone depending on the what the zone has. This means you will not water your garden just for the sake of giving your plants water.

The wifi controller will water them according to how each zone needs water depending on the type of plants it has, type of soil, etc. You can make the Melnor AquaCloud even more advanced by coupling it with Melnor ORS unique Aqua sentry automatic rain delay so that it may not water when the soil still has enough moisture.

When you use a system like this you will be able to reduce your water bill. Most importantly you will be able to easily comply with the water restrictions in your area because you can setup watering schedules based on which days to water.

Melnor RainCloud Wi-Fi AquaTimer Alternatives

Melnor RainCloud Wi-Fi AquaTimer is a 4 zone wifi sprinkler controller that can be expanded to more zones. However, if you are looking for a smart sprinkler controller that can cover more zones and is more advanced than the Melnor Raincloud WiFI Water Timer consider the following;

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio has the best wifi sprinkler controller devices in 2017 and is there to prove it. The Rachio smart sprinkler controllers, both the 8 and 16 zone devices are best sellers at and buyers love them. One of the reasons they are the best is because they can seamlessly integrate with other smart platforms like Amazon Alexa, Smartthings, Nest, etc. Click here to read about Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation Review

This an 8 zone 2nd Generation Rachio 8zulw-b. It can water up to 8 zones. It would be better than the Melnor Raincloud if you do not struggle with your wi-fi connection and you want to integrate smart platforms. It also comes with in-built weather intelligence to predict when it is going to rain and halt any watering scheduled…

Click Here To Learn More About Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 16 Zone 2nd Generation Review

This is a 16 zone 2nd Generation Rachio 16zulw-b. It can cover up to 16 zones and works the same way as Rachio 8. It has the advantage of covering more zones and people love it.



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