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Melnor Water Timers: Make the Best Choice when choosing the a water timer


Using a Melnor water timer is an excellent way of automating your garden and lawn watering activities.

The various timers are programmed differently to water different types of plants depending on the set preferences. Some of them even contain water-conserving features such as the delay option.

Lets talk about Melnor water timers.

Besides reviewing the particular products, I will explain the multiple reasons as to why you might want to use a Melnor water timer.

 In addition, the installation and programming processes of this system.

In the end, it will wrap up with a well-answered list of the frequently asked questions regarding the Melnor water timers.

What are Melnor Water Timers?

Melnor water timers are types of smart sprinkler timers that assist in maintaining your lawn from a smart device control.

The timers allow you to schedule the specific days and times you would like your sprinkler to be operating.

These devices are controlled from a smart device via Bluetooth.

All you have to do is being at most 30 feet around the sprinkler.

In addition, the devices consist of sensors that ensure that your lawn gets the best amount of water.

They make lawn watering easy and convenient.

RainCloud Smart Water Timer

This water timer will automate and simplify your watering activities.

The system offers advanced scheduling benefits with in-ground installed irrigation systems.

For this reason, you do not forego the extra cost of digging up the ground for installation.

In addition, the RainCloud Smart Water Timer allows the connection of at most four garden hoses which can be increased to eight using an extra faucet.

The timer will enable you to connect either soaker hoses, sprinklers, or drip irrigation systems.

The watering schedule is pretty straightforward, and it is done from a smart device via the RainCloud APP or Web.

You get to set the program depending on your watering preferences. Besides, you can integrate this system with a Melnor AquaSentry Moisture Sensor.

This device senses the soil moisture below and summons RainCloud to water it.

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• Control your watering from anywhere you have internet access with a smart phone or computer
• Easy scheduling through the RainCloud® app or website
• Water up to 4 separate areas from 1 faucet
• Each area has independent watering schedules
• Pause watering with the delay feature when rain is in the forecast
• Push-button control at the faucet for quick and easy manual watering
• Compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice-operated commands
• Expand to 8 watering areas with an additional Valve Unit (sold separately)
• Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
• Backed by a Melnor® Limited 2-Year Warranty. We stand behind our products.

Bluetooth Water Timer

The innovative Melnor Bluetooth Water Timer provides a no-hassle way of watering the garden.

It sets watering schedules from a smart device via the Melnor BT App.

Furthermore, this system has up to twelve different watering strategies depending on your specific preferences.

In addition, it features a Watering Delay feature which pauses the watering schedule for seven days in case of a rain forecast.

The regular watering schedule resumes once the delay ends.

The application shows you the current program’s end and the next one’s start.

Besides, you can use this app to quickly change the schedule.

The app also allows you to switch to a Manual Mode, which can also be turned directly at the valve.

The best thing about this device is that it helps in conserving water through its Eco Mode setting.

  • 4 high flow valves to water multiple areas
  • Easy and convenient scheduling from your smart device through the app within a range of 30 ft.
  • The angled valve design makes it easy to attach multiple hoses
  • Flexible watering options – water on specific days of the week or on a schedule of every few days. Each valve works like a separate timer with up to 12 customizable start times per day
  • Turn on Manual Mode from the valve unit or through the app to easily access the faucet whenever you need it
  • Watering Delay temporarily pauses the schedule due to rain or when the ground is already wet
  • Create unique device zone names and secure your timer with a password
  • Minimum requirements: iOS 9 or Android 7.0, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bundle includes 1 Melnor 4-Zone Bluetooth Water Timer and 5 extra filter washers
  • Backed by a Melnor 7-Year Limited Warranty. Melnor stands behind its products.

Melnor Water Timer

This easy-to-use water timer eases your watering activities by switching off the water supply after a certain period.

All you have to do is select the duration you want the water to run, and the timer does the rest.

The system allows you to water your garden for up to two hours, depending on the needs of your plants.

The best thing about this system is that you can leave it working while going to work in the morning.

It automatically cuts off the water supply after the scheduled duration is over.

Besides, it is an excellent strategy of multi-tasking, whereby you can water your garden while doing some chores at home.

In addition, the system features a manual feature, which is applicable when using a faucet.

The system works with all sprinklers, including soaker hoses and low-pressure drip.

AquaSentry Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

This device is instead a moisture sensor but not a watering scheduler.

It monitors the soil moisture to delay the watering schedule in the rain automatically or when the soil is too damp.

With this device, you get to select your desired level of soil moisture.

The sensor alerts the timer to delay the watering cycle when the soil is already wet to the desired preferences.

The device is essential in preventing water wastage and plant damage that results from overwatering.

The sensor works at the proximity of at most 200 feet from the timer. It contains three different settings for selecting the preferred moisture level. It works best with Melnor AquaTimers and Melnor RainCloud Smart.

HydroLogic Digital Water Timer

This digital water time will certainly automate your watering activities, especially when busy at home or away.

It allows up to four separate start times to schedule the watering activities depending on your preferences.

The HydroLogic Digital Water Timer is an excellent water conserver as it delays watering activities in case it rains.

If you want to use a faucet, you can turn on the device’s manual mode, which cancels the watering schedule.

RainCloud Extra Valve Unit

This system is an improvement of the previously mentioned RainCloud Smart Water Timer.

It contains double the amount of watering zones available in its old version.

In addition, it includes an extra valve unit that controls four watering zones from a second faucet.

It contains eight watering zones that can be attended to independently from a smart device or a PC.

The setup is flexible and easy to use.

Potted Plant Watering Kit

 This system is suitable if you are always forgetful to water your indoor plants.

The easy-to-use irrigation system automatically waters up to ten plants on a single move. With it, you won’t have to worry about watering your plants.

The kit comprises fifteen feet of flexible tubing, spikes and T joints, an integrated timer and pump, mounting bracket and filter, ten drip heads, and a pressure regulator.

The watering system draws water from a set container to eliminate water wastage.

Features of Melnor Water Timers

 Automated watering

  • Easy-to-use manual program
  • Independent water outlets
  • Rain delay in case it rains
  • Smart device controlled
  • Simple user interface with a large LCD

Reasons for choosing Melnor Water Timers

Automatic garden watering

 The various Melnor water timers help in automating your watering activities.

The systems are operated via smart devices to schedule the specific watering days and durations.

 Besides, you can use the manual program feature to deactivate automatic watering.

An automated watering schedule is beneficial, especially when busy at home or away from home.

Numerous Water Outlets

 The systems usually contain from one to eight water outlets.

These outlets help minimize watering activities, especially when you have different types of plants that require different watering needs.

Depending on the desired outcome, these outlets can be scheduled and operated independently.

Rain Delay Option

 Most Melnor water timers have an option for delaying the watering schedule in case it rains.

In addition, another feature that senses the soil moisture to direct the timer on whether to start or postpone watering. These features are pretty helpful water conservation.

Device Control

 The various Melnor water timers are controlled by a phone, tablet, or PC.

This is easy and convenient, especially when you want to water your plants from a comfort zone or undertake other tasks at home.

The water timers are controlled on these devices via Bluetooth, applications, and websites, at the proximity of at most 200 feet.

Can You Use Melnor Water Timers for Hoses?

 Yes. You can use Melnor Water Timers with hoses. All you have to do is attach your timer to a hose faucet and turn the water on.

Set the timer to switch off automatically after watering, from fifteen minutes to two hours, depending on your preferences.

Digital Melnor Water Timers With Different Zones

 There are various digital Melnor water timers with different watering zones.

These timers are suitable when watering plants that require other watering preferences.

Some of these digital water timers are outlined below:

Once-A-Day Water Timer

 Melnor has a one-day water timer known as Sunrise. The device automates your watering activities every morning without any complex programming.

It features in-built ultraviolet sensors for detecting sunlight. The sensor also controls the switching on and off of the water.

You can set this water timer to water your plants for at least fifteen minutes to two hours each morning.

In addition, you can use the manual feature when you want to do extra irrigations yourself.

Digital 2-Zone Water Timer

 Melnor offers two different water timers comprising of two watering zones. These timers are AquaTimer and HydroLogic.

The AquaTimer contains two valves for scheduling your watering activities in two different regions in your yard.

Each valve can be used for watering every hour, twenty-four times a day, or once per week, depending on the plant’s requirements.

The additional manual program feature helps deactivate the automatic watering when you need to water the plants yourself.

The manual program is operated through an extra faucet. Besides, the timer has a rain delay option for pausing the watering schedule if it is raining.

The HydroLogic 2-Zone Melnor digital water timer has two valves operated as independent timers with at most four selectable start times.

The manual option is also user-friendly and lets you conveniently do the watering yourself. Just like the AquaTimer, this system contains a rain delay option too.

4-Zone Digital Water Timer

Melnor offers 4-zone digital water timers to improve the two 2-zone digital water timers, AquaTimer and HydroLogic.

The 4-Zone AquaTimer contains all the features of its older version, only four separate valves.

The same applies to the 4-Zone HydroLogic.

How do Melnor Water Timers Work?

Melnor Water Timers only work when the batteries are correctly installed.

In addition, you have to program the device to your desired preferences. Below, we will outline how you can perform all these tasks.

How to Install the Batteries 

  1. Use a head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the timer’s rear battery door.
  1. Install two energized AA alkaline batteries on the position set aside as the battery compartment. It would help if you understood that these batteries are not included in the package.
  1. Fit the battery door back and hold it with screws.

How to Install the Melnor HydroLogic Timer 

  1. Attach the timer’s inlet to a faucet.
  1. Connect a garden hose to the timer’s outlet.
  1. Attach the hose’s end to a sprinkler, soaker, or any watering device.
  1. Turn on the faucet.

How to Program a Melnor Water Timer 

  1. Press and hold the Arrow Up key until the hours and minutes are displayed on the LCD screen.
  1. Use the Plus and Minus keys on the programming device to schedule watering activities.
  1. Advance to the Start Water function by pressing the Arrow Down key, and use the Plus and Minus keys to schedule the first watering cycle.
  1. Advance to the water For function by pressing on the Arrow Down key. In addition, use the Plus and Minus keys to set the desired watering duration.
  1. Advance to the water Every function by pressing on the Arrow Down key, use the Plus and Minus keys to set the desired watering frequency.
  1. Advance to the Program function by pressing the Arrow Down key. Use the Plus key to activate the function. The LCD screen goes blank after five seconds.
  1. Press any button to wake the screen if you want to make new changes. Advance to the Manual function using the arrow keys to start or terminate a schedule.
  1. The Rain Delay option is activated by clicking further on the arrow keys. This suspends watering for up to three days.

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What to do When Water Flows Even When the Program is Set to Off?

 Sometimes, you may notice that water is still running despite programming your Melnor water timer OFF, especially with more than one valve. These valves are magnetically held together, and shipping vibrations may cause them to open. 

In case you experience this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Turn off the program.
  1. Navigate the manual option, set it, and turn it on for two minutes. The timer will run for the designated duration and then close the valve to turn off the water.
  1. Turn the automatic program on again.

Where to Buy Melnor Water Timers

 The availability of the Melnor water timers varies across the US and Canada. You can buy these devices in the US at Ace Hardware, A.M. Leonard, Amazon, Fleet Farm, Fred Meyer, Gardener’s Edge, The Home Depot, Walmart, and Northern Tool, to mention a few. You can buy these products in Canada at The Home Depot Canada or Tenaquip.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I connect two separate Melnor 4-zone water timers to one faucet?

 You can only use a single water timer for a single faucet. If you want to connect a second one, you should also connect a second faucet.

How do you reset the Melnor water timers?

 You can reset your programmable Melnor water timer through the following steps.

  • Remove the batteries
  • Re-insert them after at least thirty seconds
  • Set the programming time as your current time

How do I turn off the Melnor water timers?

 Turning off a Melnor water timer is pretty simple; see attached brief: 

  • Press the menu button
  • Move to the program ON/OFF option using the Plus button
  • Select OFF using the Plus and Minus buttons
  • Press Enter
  • To turn on the device again, repeat this process

Are the Melnor water timers waterproof?

The various water timers from Melnor are waterproof.

They are designed to avoid water damage as they spend most of their moments in the water.

How long does a Melnor water timer last?

 Melnor usually offers a warranty of at least seven years on water timer devices.

This implies that you can expect your Melnor water timer to serve you for seven years and above.

Do the Melnor water timers reduce water pressure?

 Yes. Melnor water timers lower the water pressure.

All water timers do. This significantly affects the number of watering devices that can operate successfully using the timer.

How much electricity does a Melnor water timer use?

Melnor water timers are not connected to any electric power.

Instead, their operations are powered by AA alkaline batteries.

However, you may still need an electrical connection to power up the device used for programming the timer.


 That is it! Above all the information you can ever get concerning the various Melnor water timers. These timers are essential in easing and automating your watering activities.

 They are programmed to water the plants at the scheduled moments and durations.

Besides, some advanced ones feature a water-conserving feature known as Rain Delay.

In addition, they can be used to water more than one zone in the garden using separately programmed valves.

Using a Melnor water timer is an excellent way of automating your garden and lawn watering activities.

The various timers are programmed differently to water different types of plants depending on the set preferences. Some of them even contain water-conserving features such as the delay option.

Lets talk about Melnor water timers.

Besides reviewing the particular products, I will explain the multiple reasons as to why you might want to use a Melnor water timer.

 In addition, the installation and programming processes of this system.

In the end, it will wrap up with a well-answered list of the frequently asked questions regarding the Melnor water timers.

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