Where to Buy Hunter Sprinkler Heads Your Easy Guide

Where to Buy Hunter Sprinkler Heads: Your Easy Guide

Are you looking for Hunter sprinkler heads to upgrade or repair your irrigation system? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss where to buy these top-quality sprinkler heads and how to choose the best one for your needs. With Hunter Industries are being a leading manufacturer in the irrigation industry, it’s essential to know where to find their products to ensure optimal performance in your yard or garden.

The Home Depot and Lowe’s are two popular retail stores where you can find Hunter sprinkler heads for your irrigation system. Both stores offer a range of Hunter Industries products, including pop-up sprinkler heads with adjustable coverage patterns and gear-drive rotor models. By choosing to shop at these well-known stores, you’re guaranteed to find high-quality Hunter products to suit your needs.

Besides brick-and-mortar stores, you can also consider purchasing Hunter sprinkler heads through authorized distributors. Hunter Industries maintains a network of distributors across North America that provide local design, technical assistance, and referrals to qualified installers. To find a Hunter distributor near you, consult their official website for more information.

Understanding Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Understanding Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Types of Sprinkler Heads

Hunter Industries offers a variety of sprinkler heads designed to meet your lawn irrigation needs. Some main types include:

  • Rotors: These sprinkler heads provide excellent coverage for larger areas and move in a circular pattern.
  • Nozzles: Available in various shapes and sizes, these spray heads deliver water in a specific pattern, such as full circle or half-circle.
  • Sensors: Sensors work with your irrigation system to monitor weather conditions and ensure that your lawn receives the right amount of water.

When selecting a Hunter sprinkler head, it’s essential to consider your lawn’s unique requirements and the desired coverage.

Maintenance-Free Irrigation System

By using Hunter products in your irrigation system, you can achieve a maintenance-free lawn. Hunter sprinkler heads are designed with durability, efficiency, and performance in mind. Key features include:

  • Leak-free body cap design
  • Easy-to-adjust ratchets
  • Compatibility with Pro Adjustable nozzles

These features contribute to a long-lasting and reliable sprinkler system that requires minimal upkeep.

Full Coverage Irrigation

To maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn, it’s essential to provide full coverage irrigation. With Hunter sprinkler heads, you can trust that your lawn will receive the proper amount of water in every area. Some ways Hunter fulfills this need include:

  • Offering sprinkler heads suitable for various application types like commercial, residential, or mixed-use areas
  • Providing different pop-up heights to accommodate varying landscape designs
  • Ensuring adjustable patterns to cover all possible spray angles

By incorporating Hunter irrigation products and sensors, you can have full control over your sprinkler system, ensuring that your lawn is adequately cared for in all weather conditions.

Where to Buy Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Where to Buy Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Hunter Irrigation Official Store

The Hunter Irrigation Official Store is the primary source for all Hunter products, including sprinkler heads. You can visit their store to find a wide range of Hunter sprinkler heads and accessories, with options for every type of irrigation system. To find the nearest Hunter distributor to your location, use their distributor locator.

Here’s what you can expect when buying from the official store:

  • Access to the latest Hunter products
  • Professional design and technical assistance
  • Referrals to qualified installers

Sprinkler Warehouse

Another option to consider is Sprinkler Warehouse, an online store specializing in sprinkler products, including Hunter sprinkler heads. At Sprinkler Warehouse, you’ll find a variety of Hunter tools and accessories that cater to different irrigation needs. Their website offers easy-to-navigate categories and product filters, helping you find what you need quickly.

Features of Sprinkler Warehouse include:

  • Competitive pricing on Hunter products
  • A wide selection of sprinkler head types
  • Expert customer support for product inquiries and selection

Third-Party Retailers

In addition to the official store and Sprinkler Warehouse, you can also find Hunter sprinkler heads at various third-party retailers. Some popular stores where you can purchase Hunter sprinkler heads are:

  1. The Home Depot: They have an assortment of Hunter Industries sprinkler heads and related products. You can check out their online store or the nearest location for availability.
  2. Lowe’s: Another retailer that carries Hunter sprinkler systems and heads in both online and in-store. You can visit the nearest Lowe’s to explore what’s available.

When purchasing from third-party retailers, ensure you’re buying genuine Hunter products and avoid counterfeit items. Always check the product descriptions and reviews carefully to confirm their authenticity.

Additional Components for Hunter Sprinkler Systems

Additional Components for Hunter Sprinkler Systems

Valves and Controllers

When it comes to managing your Hunter sprinkler system, valves and controllers are essential components. Valves regulate the flow of water to your sprinkler heads, while controllers automate the system’s operation. Choose from a range of Hunter valves like the PGV series for reliable performance, and pair them with user-friendly controllers such as the Pro-C or X-Core series for optimal efficiency.

Sensors and Remotes

Sensors and remotes play a crucial role in conserving water and customizing your irrigation system. Hunter offers various sensors, like the Solar Sync sensor, which adjusts watering times based on local weather conditions. Rain-clik sensors help prevent overwatering by shutting off the system during periods of rain. Additionally, you might consider investing in a Hunter remote like the ROAM, which allows you to control your sprinklers from a distance, making adjustments a breeze.

Timers and Accessories

To efficiently manage your watering schedule, Hunter provides a variety of timers and accessories. Timers, such as the Node series, can be programmed to start and stop watering at specific times, helping you maintain a healthy lawn while conserving water. Accessories, including rotor accessories and other parts, aid in customizing and enhancing your system’s functionality. Some options available include:

  • Rotor nozzles: These allow you to adjust the spray patterns and distance of your sprinkler heads, ensuring even coverage for your lawn.
  • Swing joints: These components connect sprinkler heads to the lateral pipes, making installation and replacement easier.
  • Check valves: These prevent low-head drainage and maintain constant pressure in your system, conserving water and protecting against potential damage.

By selecting the right additional components for your Hunter sprinkler system, you’ll ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy while making your watering process more efficient and enjoyable.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hunter Sprinkler Head

Lawn and Landscape Needs

When considering the right Hunter sprinkler head for your lawn and landscape needs, assess the size and shape of the area. For smaller, irregularly shaped areas, consider using shrub rotors that can help to target specific areas of your landscape. For larger areas, rotary sprinklers can provide better coverage across a wider radius. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Adjustable radius rotors are great for irregular spaces and can be customized to fit the exact layout of your yard.
  • Corner and strip rotors work well for narrow areas or along the edges of your property.

Golf Courses and Large Properties

Golf courses and large properties have unique irrigation needs, making it essential to choose the right Hunter sprinkler head. Both coverage and uniformity are crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy green turf. Here are some considerations for golf courses and large properties:

  1. Opt for adjustable radius rotors to ensure even water distribution across large areas.
  2. Select sprinkler heads with higher flow rates to cover more ground efficiently.
  3. Use rotary sprinklers that can cover radii of up to 100 feet for efficient watering.

Specialized Sprinkler Heads

To address specific watering concerns such as dry patches, brown lawn areas, or unique landscape layouts, Hunter offers specialized sprinkler head options. Some of these options include:

  • MP Rotators: These sprinkler heads are designed to provide slow, steady water application, making them ideal for preventing runoff and promoting healthy soil absorption.
  • Pro-Fixed Nozzles: These nozzles offer accurate, fixed arc spray solutions, ensuring reliable and even coverage.

By considering your specific lawn, landscape, or property needs, you can select the right Hunter sprinkler head to achieve optimal watering results.

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