Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Master Your Lawn Care

Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller: Master Your Lawn Care

Introducing the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, a state-of-the-art solution for maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape. With the power of advanced technology and internet connectivity, this controller ensures your outdoor environment receives just the right amount of water without any wastage.

Designed for outdoor use, the Pro-HC controller is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to manage it from anywhere in the world using your smart device or web browser. This convenient feature enhances the efficiency of your irrigation system by adjusting water usage based on highly accurate data from local weather stations.

Whether you’re a landscaping professional or someone who takes pride in their outdoor space, the Hydrawise Pro-HC Controller offers optimal water management and conservation. So go ahead and give your landscape the care it deserves while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Overview of Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

Overview of Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

Hydrawise Web-Based Software

The Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is a powerful and user-friendly irrigation system designed to make your watering process more efficient. It uses advanced Hydrawise web-based software that allows you to manage your irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world, using your smart device or web browser. This powerful software ensures that your landscape remains healthy and beautiful while maximizing water savings.

Built-in Wi-Fi

One of the standout features of the Pro-HC irrigation controller is its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it even easier to remotely manage your system and makes adjusting schedules based on weather information, such as temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity, a breeze. With this controller, you can confidently monitor and adjust your irrigation from virtually anywhere.

Outdoor Model

The Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is specifically designed for outdoor installations and is highly durable. Its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing a reliable solution for your irrigation needs. With 24 fixed stations, it can easily handle irrigation tasks in larger landscapes.

To sum it up, the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, created by Hunter Industries, offers an outstanding solution for your outdoor irrigation needs. Its advanced web-based software, built-in Wi-Fi, and durable outdoor-focused design make it an excellent tool for keeping your landscaping beautiful and efficient.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

Predictive Watering and Climate Monitoring

With the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, you can take advantage of its Predictive Watering™ feature, which adjusts irrigation programs based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather data. This smart controller monitors factors like:

  • Rainfall probability
  • Wind
  • Humidity

This ensures that your irrigation system adapts to the varying weather conditions, providing just the right amount of water for your garden or landscape.

Flow Meter and Water Savings

The Pro-HC controller is compatible with optional HC flow meters, which can:

  • Monitor water usage
  • Protect against high or low flow issues

Save water by using this system, which can adjust watering based on real-time climate data and maximize efficiency. This also makes the Pro-HC controller EPA WaterSense approved, meaning it meets high standards for water-saving technology.

Touchscreen Display and Interface

The Pro-HC controller features a full graphical touchscreen interface that simplifies programming and manual starting. You can manage your irrigation programs with or without Wi-Fi, offering a user-friendly experience. The touchscreen display provides:

  • An easy-to-navigate menu
  • Clear indicators for irrigation programs
  • Quick access to configuration and settings

Smart Home Integration

The Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller seamlessly integrates with smart home systems, allowing you to control your irrigation system from your smartphone or tablet. With its built-in Wi-Fi, it can quickly connect to your Wi-Fi router and Hydrawise web-based software, where you can manage the controller from anywhere in the world.

Installation and Setup

Installation and Setup

Wiring and Terminal Strips

To set up your Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, start by connecting the wiring and terminal strips. First, route the transformer cable through the hole on the bottom left side of the controller. Connect one yellow wire to each of the screws marked 24AC and the green wire to GND. The indoor Pro-HC is not water or weather resistant, so make sure it’s installed indoors or in a protected area. The large terminal strips and wiring compartment make it easy for you to manage the wiring.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Once the wiring is connected, you’ll need to set up the built-in Wi-Fi feature. This enables you to control your irrigation system via your smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Follow the on-screen instructions on the controller’s touchscreen to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Your Pro-HC controller will now be ready for use, and you can start managing your residential irrigation system effortlessly.

Sensor Inputs and Setup

The Hydrawise Pro-HC controller comes with 2 sensor inputs that allow you to connect various types of sensors like rain, flow, or soil moisture sensors. These sensors provide valuable data and help to optimize your watering schedule. To set up the sensor inputs, connect the respective sensor wires to the corresponding terminal blocks on the controller.

After connecting the sensors, navigate to the “Sensor Inputs” section in the Hydrawise App or Web dashboard to configure the settings for each sensor type. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each sensor to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Wire Fault Detection

Hydrawise Pro-HC controllers have a built-in wire fault detection feature that helps you identify issues in the wiring of your landscape irrigation system. This feature is essential for preventing potential damage to your sprinklers and avoiding broken pipes. Follow these steps to troubleshoot wire faults:

  1. Open the Pro-HC controller’s front panel.
  2. Locate the wire fault detection feature on the controller board.
  3. Check the wiring connections to each station and ensure they are securely fastened.
  4. If a fault is detected, the controller will display an error message. Note the affected station, and inspect its wiring for visible damage or corrosion.
  5. Repair or replace any damaged wires as needed.

Freeze Sensor

The Hydrawise Pro-HC controller is also compatible with freeze sensors to protect your landscape from potential damage due to freezing temperatures. The freeze sensor monitors the temperature forecast and sends alerts to your connected smart device. Ensure proper installation and functionality by following these tips:

  • Choose a suitable location for the sensor, preferably in an area with clear exposure to the sky and minimal obstructions.
  • Connect the freeze sensor to the appropriate sensor terminals on the Pro-HC controller.
  • Test the sensor by simulating freezing temperatures and ensuring it sends an alert to your device.
  • Periodically inspect the sensor, and clean or replace as needed.

Contractor Friendly Door Lock

The Pro-HC controller features a contractor-friendly door lock mechanism that provides easy access for maintenance and system checks. This lock is designed to ease the process for professionals while maintaining the controller’s protective casing. Follow these instructions to utilize the contractor-friendly door lock:

  • Locate the door lock on the front of the controller.
  • Insert the provided key and turn it gently to unlock the front panel.
  • Carefully open the panel to access the controller’s interior components.
  • Perform maintenance tasks or inspections as needed.
  • Close the panel carefully, ensuring the door is aligned properly.
  • Lock the door by turning the key back to its original position.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines and address any potential issues promptly to ensure your Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is operating at optimal efficiency.

Advanced Features and Add-Ons

Flow Rate and Valve Monitoring

The Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is designed to help you efficiently manage your landscape’s irrigation needs. One of its innovative features is flow rate and valve monitoring. By incorporating a flow meter in your system, you’ll be able to:

  1. Monitor water usage in real-time
  2. Get alerts for potential issues, like pipe leaks or broken valves
  3. Optimize your watering schedules for your specific landscape requirements

This peace of mind allows you to save time and resources while maintaining a healthy garden.

Pro-HC Anatomy

The PHC-2400 model comes with a plethora of features to help you manage your irrigation system. Key components of the Pro-HC include:

  • Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230 VAC (international model)
  • Transformer output (24 VAC): 1 A
  • Station output (24 VAC): 0.56 A
  • Pump/master valve (24 VAC): 0.28 A
  • Sensor inputs: 2
  • Operating temperature: 0°F to 140°F
  • Compliance: CE, UL, cUL, C-tick, FCC, EPA WaterSense & Smart Watermark Approved


One of the standout capabilities of the Pro-HC is its advanced customization options. With the cloud-based Hydrawise software, you can:

  • Set up to 6 independent irrigation programs
  • Set up to 6 start times per program
  • Access station-based programming for maximum flexibility
  • Include climate monitoring to optimize watering schedules based on weather data
  • Manage your irrigation controller remotely through Wi-Fi connectivity

By harnessing these features, you’ll be able to tailor your watering strategies to better suit your landscaping and climate needs, ultimately building a stronger, more profitable business.

Remember, the key to a thriving landscape is a smarter irrigation system that adapts to your needs. With the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, you’ll be well on your way to achieving this goal.


What is the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller? The Hydrawise Pro-HC is a professional-grade Wi-Fi irrigation controller designed to manage and control your outdoor irrigation system effortlessly. With 24 stations, it is compatible with most landscapes and lawn sizes.

How does the Pro-HC controller connect to my Wi-Fi? The Pro-HC connects to your 2.4 GHz (only) Wi-Fi router and uses 802.11 b/g/n 20 MHz. It supports security protocols: WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise, TLS, and SSL. Once connected, you can manage your irrigation system through your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

Is the Pro-HC suitable for indoor and outdoor use? Yes, the Hydrawise Pro-HC 24-Station Outdoor Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is built with a durable enclosure to withstand various outdoor conditions.

How does predictive watering work? The Hydrawise Pro-HC controller’s predictive watering feature adjusts schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. This results in maximum water savings while maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape for your property.

Some key features of the Hydrawise Pro-HC controller includes:

  • 24 stations for versatile landscape management
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and monitoring
  • Compatibility with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi routers
  • Supports various security protocols
  • Predictive watering for efficient water usage
  • Durable design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy setup and installation

To get started with your Pro-HC controller, follow these steps:

  1. Mount the controller into a wall
  2. Connect to your Wi-Fi router
  3. Set up the Hydrawise software on your device
  4. Create a schedule for your irrigation system
  5. Monitor and adjust settings as needed

For more information and support, you can visit the Hydrawise website or watch tutorial videos to help with installation and setup.

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