How to Program Hunter X2 Sprinkler System A Quick Guide for Greener Lawns

How to Program Hunter X2 Sprinkler System: A Quick Guide for Greener Lawns

Programming your Hunter X2 sprinkler system can seem daunting at first, but with a little guidance, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the process. This multi-functional irrigation controller offers many features to help you efficiently manage your watering needs. In this article, we will walk you through the key steps to set up and customize your X2 irrigation controller for optimal watering schedules.

Before diving into programming, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the controller’s interface. The facepack includes a dial for various settings, along with directional buttons to navigate menus. To ensure your sprinkler system operates efficiently, you’ll need to correctly set the date and time and choose appropriate start times for watering. Don’t worry – it’s a breeze once you get the hang of it!

Ready to get your Hunter X2 system up and running? Follow the steps and tips outlined in this article, and you’ll soon be enjoying a well-watered landscape. You can trust your sprinkler system to manage your irrigation needs effectively without the stress of manual scheduling. Happy programming!

Getting Started with Hunter X2

In this section, we will explore the components of the Hunter X2 sprinkler system, understand the X2 controller, and review important terminology. Let’s dive in!

Components of Hunter X2 Sprinkler System

Components of Hunter X2 Sprinkler System

The Hunter X2 sprinkler system, brought to you by Hunter Industries, is designed to make watering your lawn and garden efficient and hassle-free. Here are the primary components of this system:

  • Sprinklers: These are the core components that distribute water across your landscape.
  • Valves: Installed along with your sprinklers, valves help to control the flow of water to individual watering zones.
  • Controller: The X2 controller allows you to program your watering schedules and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Wiring: This connects the controller to the various valves and other hardware components.

Understanding the X2 Controller

The X2 controller, manufactured by Hunter Industries, is the brain of your sprinkler system. The controller has a physical dial that allows you to adjust the current date and time, and you can also set up multiple programs. Each program is a customized watering schedule for a specific set of sprinklers.

Some key features of X2 programming include:

  1. Standard Mode: This mode allows you to create traditional irrigation programs using Programs A, B, and C, similar to other Hunter controllers like X-Core® or Pro-C®.
  2. Six programs: The controller offers six programs, each with six start times, making it flexible enough to accommodate various watering needs.

Review Terminology

Understanding the terms used in the programming of your X2 sprinkler system will make it more comfortable and manageable. Some essential terms include:

  • Program: A customized watering schedule that includes start times, watering days, and duration.
  • Start Time: The specific time that a program begins watering.
  • Watering Days: Days of the week when watering occurs.

Here is a quick reference table with key terminology and their meanings:

ProgramA customized watering schedule
Start TimeThe time when a program begins watering
Watering DaysDays of the week when watering occurs

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the Hunter X2 sprinkler system, you’re ready to get started with programming your watering schedules.

Programming the X2 Irrigation System

Programming the X2 Irrigation System

Setting the Current Time

First, set the current date and time on your X2 controller. This is important as it helps your irrigation system operate according to your desired schedule. To set the date and time:

  1. Press the “Menu” button.
  2. Scroll to “System” and select “Set Date / Time.”
  3. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the values, and press the “OK” button to save your changes.

Setting the Start Time for Each Program

Next, you’ll need to assign a start time for each program you want to run with your X2 irrigation controller. This will dictate when each irrigation cycle begins.

  1. Press the “Menu” button.
  2. Select “Programs” and then choose between Program A, B, or C.
  3. Select “Start Times” and use the arrow buttons to adjust when the program will start.
  4. Press “OK” to save your settings.

Assigning Run Times for Each Station

Assign a run time for each station to control how long each zone is watered. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the “Menu” button.
  2. Choose “Programs” and then select the desired program (A, B, or C).
  3. Navigate to “Stations” and use the arrow buttons to select the station you want to adjust.
  4. Adjust the run time for the selected station and press “OK” to save.

Assigning Watering Days

Finally, configure the watering days for your irrigation program. This determines which days of the week your system will run. To assign watering days:

  1. Press the “Menu” button.
  2. Select “Programs” and then choose the program (A, B, or C) you want to adjust.
  3. Navigate to “Water Days” and use the arrow buttons to toggle between days.
  4. Press “OK” to save your settings.

Now, your X2 irrigation controller is programmed and ready to efficiently water your landscape. Remember to review and adjust your settings regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Lawn and Watering Considerations

Lawn and Watering Considerations

Understanding Zones and Station Types

When planning your lawn irrigation system, it’s essential to understand the concept of zones. A zone is a group of sprinklers that operate simultaneously. Typically, zones are organized by plant types, such as lawns, flower beds, or trees. Your Hunter X2 controller can manage these zones by designating different station types:

  • Spray system: Ideal for lawns and small planting areas
  • Drip system: Suitable for flower beds, trees, and shrubs

Dividing your landscape into zones allows you to customize watering for each area, reducing overall water use and helping lower your water bill.

Water Schedule and Local Regulations

Before programming your Hunter X2, it’s essential to consult your local watering schedule and regulations. Many communities have restrictions on when and how often you can irrigate your lawn. These schedules may require even-day or odd-day watering, water only on specific days of the week or month, or have seasonal requirements. Knowing these can help you set up a more efficient watering schedule that also adheres to the regulations.

Calculating Proper Run Times

Determining the best run times for each station is crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn without wasting water. Follow these steps to create a balanced schedule:

  1. Consult online resources like the run time calculator to calculate the ideal watering duration and frequency for your plant types.
  2. Take your local weather conditions into account. Adjust run times accordingly during periods of heavy rain or extreme heat.
  3. Observe your landscape over time and make adjustments as needed. Monitor for signs of over- or under-watering, such as yellowing leaves and standing water.

Keep these factors in mind when programming your Hunter X2 controller for optimal lawn care and water efficiency. Implementing a smart irrigation system tailored to your landscape needs will help you maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn while minimizing water waste.

Advanced Features and Benefits

Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

The Hunter X2 sprinkler system offers a smart solution for managing your irrigation system more efficiently. By integrating with the WAND Wi-Fi module, you can remotely access and control your sprinkler system, customize programs, and monitor water usage. This feature not only saves you time but also conserves water resources.

  • Connects to Wi-Fi for remote access
  • Allows for customized programming
  • Monitors water usage for greater efficiency

Manual One Station Operation

Sometimes, you may need to operate your sprinkler system manually. The X2 controller allows you to easily run a single station without disrupting your scheduled programs. This feature is particularly useful if you want to test a specific zone or water a specific area on demand:

  1. Turn the dial to “Manual-One Station”
  2. Use the “+” or “minus” button to select the station
  3. Press the “->” button to manually begin watering

Troubleshooting and Support

Hunter has built a strong support system to assist both homeowners and professionals in making the most of their sprinkler systems. If you face issues with your Hunter X2 sprinkler system controller, you can turn to a dedicated network of contractors, designers, and fellow users for help:

  • Comprehensive library of resources
  • Access to product guides and manuals
  • Customer support contact information

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when needed. Your sprinkler system is a vital component of your lawn or garden’s health and appearance. Proper maintenance and understanding of the features and benefits of your Hunter X2 controller ensure your landscape stays lush and vibrant.


Q: How do I set the date and time on my Hunter X2 sprinkler system?

To set the date and time on your X2 controller, first, access the programming menu on the facepack. Locate the “Set Date and Time” option and adjust the values using the arrow buttons. This ensures your system operates on the correct schedule.

Q: How many start times can I assign to a program on the Hunter X2?

Each program on the Hunter X2 can have up to 4 start times. Use this feature to schedule multiple watering sessions throughout the day. If you want the stations to operate only once in sequential order, set start times 2, 3, and 4 to OFF.

Q: What is the purpose of having multiple programs in the Hunter X2 controller?

With multiple programs, you can easily customize the system to meet your irrigation needs. Different programs allow for separate watering schedules for various plant types, watering restrictions, or other factors specific to your landscape.

Q: How do I access remote programming with the Hunter X2?

To access remote programming, you need the optional WAND module which enables smart irrigation management with Hydrawise™ Software. This plug-in component provides wireless connectivity to your X2 controller, allowing you to make changes and monitor your system from anywhere using a smart device.

Q: What happens to my Hunter X2 controller settings during a power outage?

The X2 controller has a built-in Date & Time battery backup that ensures settings are retained during power outages, keeping your irrigation system on track when power resumes.

Keep these FAQs in mind as you program your Hunter X2 sprinkler system. Remember to always refer to your controller’s user manual for specific setup and programming instructions.

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  • Easy-to-read backlit display provides optimal visibility in any light
  • 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and run times up to 6 hours
  • Built-in QuickCheck technology provides simple diagnostics of faulty field wiring
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