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You are among the many that do irrigation domestically. Irrigation is an activity done in several homesteads taking care of different things, lawn, flower beds, and so on. We can’t deny this. You often find yourselves in headless thoughts when your watering systems are not in order.

Some situations go beyond our ability and call for replacement. It worsens if we don’t know the watering system that would be the best for replacement. As if that’s not enough, you almost get insane after realizing you even don’t have an idea where to get it.

Does it seem like I am addressing you reading this?

Relax; I have got the real deal for you.Hunter x core is the best when you want an automatic and smooth running watering system. It’s cheap and easy to install-saving you the hassles associated with hiring a contractor to replace it.

What exactly is Hunter x core?

Hunter x core is an entry-level residential controller that offers simple operations yet smart solar sync compatibility, non- volatile memory that facilitates unlimited backup of all schedules, and automatic short circuit protection.

Hunter x core controller comes with eight stations that are easy to configure. The eight stations include three programs, four start times, and a maximum of 4 hours run time. Hunter x core controller provides programmable delays to ensure that the controller lags, moving from one station to another, and sensor programmability to match sensor alarms to specific programs.

It’s a perfect solution for residential uses. Hunter has designed x core to manage and control irrigation by reducing wastage effectively. It allows adjustment of operation with a change of weather to maintain maximum use and water conservation. It has a built-in hydra intelligence into the controllers to offer remote management of the irrigation systems. The management happens through a smart device or web browser.

 The hydra intelligence can predict water adjustment schedules on the predetermined temperature, humidity, rainfall changes, wind to offer optimum water savings. And this ensures a healthy and beautiful landscape.

Also, a flow meter can be installed to notify when a sprinkler or pipe leaks automatically. It’s a controller that is available for outdoor and indoor configuration for greater flexibility without forgetting its friendliness to the environment.

hunter xcore review

How Exactly Do you Use and Work with Hunter X Core?

The hunter x core is easy to operate and install controller with the ability to control up to eight stations, of which the main valve is used for pump control. You can use all the stations activated to water without using a single dial.

Press the forward arrow button for at least 2 seconds. When you see station number one appear on the screen, set the arrow button free. It automatically defaults to program, let’s say A. You can also select any other program like B or C by fast pressing the PRG button. By now, you must see the station number indicating. Press the arrow forward (>) button to scroll across the stations and use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to change stations run time. In case you fail to have pressed any button during the first or second step, the hunter x core controller will automatically commerce watering.

Press the forward arrow button across to the station of your choice, to begin with. Immediately after two seconds of wait, the process will begin. At any given juncture during the cycle, you can use plus or minus bottom to change from one station to another manually.

Hunter X Core Usage

Times are when you have an old hunter, which stopped abruptly, and you can’t use it for automatic settings. All you need to do it choose any date of the present year. After choosing, go backward on the Hunter xcore controller calendar till the selected date appears on the screen. The chosen year can be any year, meaning it can even be your birthday, and it will be reaping self after every seven years.

In case of power failure, you don’t have to worry. Most controllers have a battery for back up purposes. It allows the watering program to retain watering if the main power is off. In such a situation, the controller will revert to their previous program once power is back.

Pros and Cons

Hunter x core has one benefit in handling power absence. Provided the irrigation time has enough battery to retain the stored program, it can continue from where it stopped.

Hunter x core has an advantage over many other controllers when it comes to better power storage. It has non-volatile memory that stores data in such a way that it doesn’t require power. Technically, it can restore data from an extended power-off state with its watering intact.

There is a flawed design by the decision hunter has made with the way x core system restores after a power outage. When power is back after being off for a few minutes, the indicator goes to a flashing state, and the watering schedule is suspended until any button is pressed.

The effects of the decision by the company are enormous. In other words, it means to “sooth” the system, and you need to check it to make sure it’s not in a pause state waiting for a press. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what most people expect to leave the irrigation system set and forget.

My Success Story

I bought hunter x core to replace my hunter sprinkle controller, and something I did like about it, is the much smaller size and its intuitive design. It’s straightforward and clear to understand. Even a child could do it. One thing that stood out of me is how hunter designed the x core. When I wanted to cut down or optimize the amount of water to water my lawn, it has an adjustable valve that allows you to increase or reduce water usage. I take it as a great deal in time-saving. You don’t need to change and readjust the particular run time in every group. When it rains-my hunter x core turns off the sprinklers, and that is saving time and money.

For several reasons, we would like to encourage you to install hunter x core controllers. For now, at least it remains our only option for home installation. But you can also look for other alternatives like Rain bird and Orbit since we acknowledge the essence of having more than one option.

Hunter x core review wrap up

Hunter x core controller is made to make your work more comfortable and efficient. You all need to set it, and you are good to go. However, in case of a power outage, you will need to come back and rest it to continue where it stopped before power outrage. Save time and water while using hunter x core in your domestic watering business.

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